What Earring Back Is Best? Replacement Earring Backs, Explained (2023)

What Earring Back Is Best? Replacement Earring Backs, Explained (1)

Help, my earring back is lost! How many people need an earring back replacement every day? It must be tons–these things are like socks in the dryer. While you’re wondering how to keep from losing your earring backs, you might also be wondering what earring back is best across the board. Read on for a list of tips for keeping your earring backs around, and for getting the best earring back replacement money can buy.

For one thing, an earring back replacement isn’t as simple to buy as you might think. There’s a lot of factors, from metals to design, that will make your experience of the earring back different–sometimes in a major way. So if you have an earring back lost, it’s worth figuring out what earring back is best before you get another set! If you ensure you’re getting the best for your money, you can avoid a headache down the road.

Once you have a solid earring back replacement set picked out, you can figure out whether you want one set of them or more. If you tend to find an earring back lost every now and then, there might not be much need in your life for them. But if you tend to lose them pretty easily, then finding out what earring back is best and buying lots of them will probably serve you well. Considering you’re reading this blog post, we’re guessing you might be the latter.

First, what are you looking for in an earring back replacement? Let’s break it down:

1.High-Quality Metal Is A Must

You shouldn’t just buy any old scrap of metal as an earring back replacement. You need quality metal to ensure that your skin isn’t irritated. Many so-called silver allergies are actually allergies to adulterating metals put into the silver by corner-cutting jewelry companies! Your lost earring back might have given you a rash because it had a nickel in it to disguise the low-quality silver. Guess we know what earring back is not best.

To get the best quality earring back replacement, go for at least 10K gold, if not 14K. For sterling silver, only get .925 purity. That will ensure that you’ll only be dealing with the metals you paid for, not a bunch of other metals you don’t know about! Your lost earring back could be replaced with a stainless steel one too, though you don’t need the anti-scratch quality of stainless steel for just an earring back. But if you’re really into stainless steel anyway, then that could be what earring back is best for you.

So how do you choose between the precious metals? There’s not an inherent advantage to an earring back replacement made with gold or silver. If you have an allergy to one of the two metals, then your lost earring back should not be replaced with that one! If you’re allergic to both, go with stainless steel. But only you can say what earring back is best since the choice is 100% yours!

2. You Don’t Need To Match Your Earrings (Though It’s A Plus)

You might be wondering whether you actually need to match your earring back replacement to your earrings. Firstly, no. After all, no one sees them! However, you get to choose what metal you want your earring back to be in, so why not get a replacement to match the earring back you lost? You might not be flaunting your taste in earring backs, but if your answer to what earring back is best equals the most stylish match, then that’s your choice!

However, if you’re not looking to maximize your style, you can also minimize costs. If your earrings are made of precious metals, you don’t have to get an earring back replacement of the same metal (and cost). If the earring back you lost is gold, you can get one that’s either sterling silver or a lower karat of gold to save. Since there’s no right answer to what earring back is best, you can choose if the price is a factor for you.

So which do you want to go for in an earring back replacement; price or style? Well, the answer is up to you. Since few people saw the earring back you lost, and few people will see the new one, only you can decide what earring back is best in your situation. You get to please only yourself, so go with your gut! Considering earring backs are so small, they’re not particularly expensive even when they’re made of more precious metals, so the stakes are low.

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3. Silicone Is More Secure

One thing that could be a game-changer for you with your next earring back replacement purchase could be the addition of silicone to this equation. Silicone is the same material they put into cosmetic surgery implants, and it tends to be firm, yet squishy. Your lost earring back might not have felt particularly squishy, but that could be the key to finding out what earring back is best for you–and best in general.

The reason a silicone earring back replacement can be a game-changer is that the silicone gets a snugger fit onto the earring than just your metal lost earring back. With a regular earring back, you might have felt the telltale scrape of metal on metal. With a silicone one, you’ll find you have to push it a bit more firmly, but it feels clearly more secure. That silicone will then hold fast, giving you a good clue as to what earring back is best in the end.

With a silicone earring back replacement, you’re a lot less likely to find your new earring back is lost. The silicone holds tight enough that the issue of a poor metallic fit is no longer a problem! This gives you some insight into the main reason earring backs get lost: metal expands and contracts with temperature, meaning that on a hot day your metal earring backs are looser. So what earring back is best in the end for long-term wear? You guessed it: silicone!

4. Buy More If You Lose Them More Often

You might not want to spend a bundle on an earring back replacement, but if you tend to lose them, buying in bulk could be something to consider. Once you figure out what earring back is best for you, you can get a decent stockpile meant to last you for a long time. Then if you find an earring back is lost, you can just dig into your supply. This is a good strategy since it means you don’t have to wait for delivery to get back to wearing your earring backs!

It’s also just useful to have earring back replacements circulating in your wardrobe in any case; so many people have only one set of earring backs for all their earrings! If you have more than one set of earring backs, then when an earring back is lost you won’t have to sweat it so much. It won’t be keeping you from wearing earrings at all for the next week or two! In the end, the answer to what earring back is best for you might just be a large number of earring backs!

Another plus to this method of earring back replacement is that you can often get a better deal buying in bulk than you can buying one by one. For one thing, if you buy a replacement for your lost earring back over the internet, you’ll have to pay shipping each time. You can also take the load off your mind if you just decide what earring back is best and get a bunch. And of course, if anyplace is offering a sale on bulk earring backs, that’s icing on the cake.

My Earring Back Is Lost Again! How Do I Hold Onto These Things?!

You might also be wondering how to keep your earring back replacement from getting lost all over again. We’re with you there! When you discover an earring back is lost, it might already have been gone for a while. It’s possible for an earring to stay in your ear without its back for some time, so if there’s a pain point where all your earring backs are getting lost, it might be hard to figure it out. So what earring back is best for replacement purposes?

There is a solution to the constant earring back replacement process, though. What earring back is best for staying put? Try a silicone earring back to make it stick! It should be noted though that some people don’t react well to silicone, so if you’re one of those people you should replace your lost earring back with just a regular metal one! What earring back is best, if not an earring back that sticks?

Another good strategy for keeping your earring backs around is to ensure that your earring back replacement fits your earring before you put it on. If they’re noticeably loose, you might need to look through your collection for what earring back is best for that pair. Since the thickness of the post of an earring can vary depending on whether it’s a stud, dangle, etc., it’s worth taking note of which earring backs fit which earrings before you find out an earring back is lost.

Earring Back Replacement Can Be Effortless

Now that you’ve gotten a handle on all the factors in earring back replacement, you can get as many as you need, in whatever variety is best for you. Next time you have to deal with a lost earring back, hopefully, you have enough stored away in a metal you like to simply pick one out of your collection and get on with your day. And even if not, you can always check out our selection of earring back replacements and figure out what earring back is best for you!

Either way, you’ve probably noticed that a silicone earring back replacement might be the answer to what earring back is best for you. After all, they’re sturdy and snug, unlikely to fall off in warm weather the way metal does. Even if you don’t like the aesthetic of silicone, it’s still hard to ignore the benefits. As long as your earring backs aren’t going to be shown off at your next event (such as by wearing your hair up or cutting it short), it’s a good bet for discreet and secure earrings!

Now that you know everything there is to know about earring back replacement, you’ll notice that we have a wide variety here on our website! That’s not an accident 😉 You can find out about other need-to-know topics by clicking around our blog, and you can stay in touch with our newsletter and by following us on social media! We’re all about making new friends, so don’t be a stranger.

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