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Julia of Kettering, OH Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 21, 2018

I looked at the comments on this site, and realized that everyone was having the same experience as I. I have purchased thousands of dollars of Tiffany jewelry over the last 20 years. 2 years ago I purchased the Tiffany T ring. It has .20 ct. of diamonds, and it was $2,200.00. I had it in two times over the first year, and both times said I didn't think the prongs were very safe, that it caught on my clothes. They inspected, cleaned (by cleaned, I mean steamed, not polished) and said it was fine. Then last year, I lost a stone. So I brought it back, expecting them to replace the stone for free. Are you kidding? No way. It was warrantied for 1 year (really, they never told me that?).

So they said they'd send it for an estimate. I got it back, and it was $220.00 dollars. Ok, this is .20 points of diamond, and there are .58 stones. That means each stone is .003 ct. of a diamond. So I looked it up. I can get a GIA cert ed very fine melee VVS2-VS1 E-F colored stone, 1mm (.005) for $16.80 on eBay, and that's my price. So I would guess Tiffany could get the stone that matches my ring for about $6.00, but they want $220 plus tax and shipping to repair something that should not have fallen out in the first place. Three emails later, they said they will "ship it back to the store 79 miles away from me and I can pick it up." Pick up this, Tiffany=YOU ARE FIRED! I am now shopping for LeVian fine jewelry (Lifetime warranty) and Leo diamonds at Kay's (you can pay a couple of hundred for a lifetime warranty), and you can ACTUALLY SEE the diamonds. Tiffany, it's been fun...

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Angelica of Humble, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 13, 2018

Recalled item not able to be replaced - After several emails and phone calls I was told because it was a gift there was nothing they could do. Ultimately going through a guest list of about 175 people for my wedding shower was just too much to replace something they put out that was a hazard! After all these conversations nothing could be done...will be sure never to purchase from them and tell everyone one I know they will not and do not stand behind their products.

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G of Aberdeen, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 21, 2018

Purchased charm for bracelet in London before arriving in Malaysia. Took bracelet to Tiffany & Co. at KLCC to have the charm attached permanently. Was a told, because they do not provide the service in Malaysia (not the consumers problem) the bracelet and charm needs to be sent to Hong Kong at a cost of £30.00 (160myr) to myself. Completely shocked, at having to pay again for something I was sold, which is not fit for purpose. Was I supposed to buy the charm and just look at it in the blue bag?

In the UK and UAE I have never been asked to pay for the charms to be permanently attached. The charm didn't even come with a clip-on hook so no way of using it. Reason for charm to be attached permanently is, I have lost two charms when they were attached only by the clip-on hook, also the blue enamel charms chip within a few months. I feel totally ripped off and this bracelet is best just sat in a drawer and not used. I'll not hold my breath waiting on a response as looking at this complaints' site - Tiffany & Co. #cashcow.

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Liliia of Lisle, IL Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 24, 2018

There is no quality at all, all you pay is the name. At least what you can do is the free repair. You will be telling me the repair is 65$ to get same quality piece (Bracelet). I’m not paying that money because there is no quality!!! So pissed off. And make sure when I come to your store you get my info so then you don’t tell me, “We don’t know if you were here before with this issue.”

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Elise of Ny, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 15, 2018

Do not buy anything from this company - they do not stand behind their product or the experience that they pretend to care about. My husband bought my beautiful wedding bands and solitaire engagement ring at Tiffany's. The salesperson was professional and the experience was lovely. 5 years later my engagement band has a broken prong and is in need of repair. The experience has been horrible. The service person was condescending and rude. She advised me not to wear my rings if I don’t have to. Absurd. It took two weeks + for an estimate for repair. The cost is not the problem. In the estimate among other things they actually state that they’ve not yet checked the diamond for security. I don’t trust them. This is the opposite of what I have always believed the brand to stand for and not at all why my husband chose to buy my rings there.

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Anna of Lebanon, IN Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Jan. 4, 2018

I have had my Tiffany T ring for years and one day it caught on something and bent open. I was devastated. I immediately went into Tiffany's to have it repaired and they told me it would be shipped to Manhattan to be checked out and I would get a bill for repair in my email. They promised it would be fixed to new condition. Almost a week after they promised to have my repair costs sent to me I got the bill and it was almost $200! This is a $750 ring! I was amazed at the cost to fix a simple gold ring! That wasn't even the most appalling part, they didn't even promise to make the ring like new for that price! The email said it would be "reshaped as best as possible". This is not what the man at Tiffany's had told me.

This makes me worried that the quality of the ring will go down and make it more likely to happen again. For the cost of the repair I expect the ring to be like new again! I was thinking about getting the matching necklace and bracelet but will not purchase anything else from the T collection again. I am very disappointed with the service and I think I've bought enough from Tiffany's. I will not be directing people there anymore, when I'm asked where I bought my necklace or rings I will just thank them for the compliment or share this story. The brand is now tarnished for me.

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Beth of Fleming, PA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Dec. 26, 2017

My daughter and I went to Tiffany & Co at 727 Fifth Ave in Manhattan. The sales rep, as he was waiting on us, was looking around to see who his next customer might be. It was obvious that he was not paying attention to what my daughter had told him she wanted as when we got back to where we were staying and opened the box the wrong necklace was in the box. My daughter was buying this necklace with money she has earned while putting herself through university. In my opinion, no matter what the salesperson thinks of your social stature, they should give the same service to each person. I have called Tiffany's three times since the transaction took place on 12/19/17. The first 2 times I spoke with someone they told me they would have the sales rep, J. **, call me back.

It is now 12/26/17 and I have yet to hear from him. Although the people I have spoken to have tried to be helpful every one of them has a different opinion as to how this return will be handled. The first woman I spoke to on 12/19/17 said they would send me a return label for UPS through email. I never received the label, I then called back on 12/20/17 and spoke to another woman. She told me we will do an exchange, she would send me the return label via email, when UPS showed at my doorstep they would have the correct necklace and I could hand them my return. I printed out the label when we returned home to PA and read the label. It said I would need to drop the package off at a UPS location. We live half an hour from the closest UPS location.

I then called Tiffany's again and spoke to a gentleman in the shipping department that stated that Tiffany's would not be sending the correct necklace. We would need to drop off the incorrect necklace at a UPS location and they would intern send the correct necklace. This has been extremely frustrating as it seems no one knows what the process is for returns. Had the sales rep been paying attention instead of looking for his next customer we would not have to deal with all of this nonsense. My recommendation for anyone that does want to go Tiffany's is to check your purchase before you leave the store so you will not have to deal with returns.

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Don of Londonderry, NH Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 16, 2017

Girlfriend purchased ($400+) black braided rope bracelet for me that began stretching and shrinking to reveal a cheap white rope core. The black was only a cheap layer of black braided leather. Instead of standing behind their product Tiffany wanted another $265 to fix it to which we said, "No way, just return it." Appears Tiffany is just a name peddling cheap 3rd party products with no warranties or guarantees. Could have bought the same bracelet from any other supplier for less than $50 so don't waste your time or money thinking Tiffany is any better quality.

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Kelly of San Antonio, TX Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Sept. 8, 2017

I purchased a Tiffany ring in Las Vegas on 9/3, and tried to return it to Tiffany store in my hometown two days later (as I received a duplicate item for my birthday from my children), and they said the ring was "obviously scratched, and used"!! It went from the store of purchase into the little blue bag and was not worn except when I tried it on in the store!!! So it was worn for all of ten minutes. The manager was rude. I have purchased Tiffany items for my friends and Granddaughter for years. I will never set foot in another store and am disgusted at their return policy and rudeness.

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Gary of Sacramento, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: July 31, 2017

Recently dealing with the Tiffany Repair Service in Elmhurst, NY. as to repair and servicing a Tiffany Watch. Watch was sent to them for repair and service of my watch. The battery in the watch was not lasting very long and I figured while there they could service the watch and polish it while they were fixing the battery issue in question. Real, they did everything except fix the problem with the battery it seems. So, the watch only was running for a couple of weeks before it stopped. I had paid them for all this work and the main item seems not to have been addressed and all this took them three months to do.

So, upon contacting them again since the repair was under a one year warranty still, I got nothing but accusations, threats of additional charges most likely to be incurred, and cold and rude assistance. So, watch was sent back for the second time. Two weeks later then informed me that they replaced the battery and are returning the item to me. I asked as to what was discovered as to the issue of the battery being short lived of only a few weeks. They did not explain or wanted to deal with that issue. Only said that a new battery was installed and it is working at this moment. The service person did not want discuss any concerns of mine or that I had paid for this repair to have been done months before. All he said was that the watch is twenty years old and watches do not last forever. Plus, they do not maintain watch repair parts for a long period of time, so my watch has no spare parts available to fix it if ever needed to be done.

I take very good care of my watches, but it seems that with Tiffany watches that one doesn't have to do so since the company doesn't ever plan to repair a watch after many years. The end result of this is that customer service at the repair facility are rude and not at all helpful. The take away was that Tiffany is using a repair facility that does not care about the repair work, time it takes, and likes to charge high for the services. Tiffany store touts it has the highest experts in watch repair than others. Well, that is now very much doubtful. The watch repair person seemed rude and could care less to help in any way. It was like we have no parts to repair the watch, it is too old anyway, and if it no longer runs, then too bad.

It seems to me that Tiffany has reduced its quality of its products, contracted out to low level watch repair persons, and really do not care about the customer once the purchase is completed. Tiffany is getting away with ripping customers off now. They are cutting quality and service for increased profit margins for shareholders. I used to respect the Tiffany Brand, but no longer. It is no longer what it used to be. They should start selling their products at Walmart at this point.

I would advise no one to ever purchase any item now from Tiffany. Let alone ever purchasing one of their watches. It is now apparent to me that Tiffany should not be selling watches. They do not have the years of expertise or care for quality when it comes to fine time pieces. I will most likely be purchasing a "Cartier" watch in the near future. At least Cartier watches have been made for over one hundred years and have a long history of it. Their old watches still work and still can be repaired. I had no clue I was buying a Tiffany disposable watch. Tiffany is all about brand name only now and nothing about quality and service. So, everyone needs to rethink ever making a purchase at Tiffany Stores.

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Edward of Schaerbeek, Other Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: June 29, 2017

Be aware of its Brussels shop, people working there are indecent, untrustworthy, and in fact, disgusting. I purchased a bracelet this afternoon, paid by an international credit card, and told the sales professional (Helen **) that the item was to be a gift to a friend. I trusted her, and did not check the item before she packed it. I presented it to my friend this evening when we had dinner together. And when we opened the box, I was extremely embarrassed to see that the item had many scratches and signs of wear (how could the ** sold me a item like this, never met a nasty person like her). Anyone interested in buying something from Tiffany, try your best to avoid its Brussels shop.

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Tiff of Jeffersonville, IN

Original review: April 30, 2017

My boyfriend surprised me with a pair of return to Tiffany & Co. good and diamond heart shaped earrings. Online they looked beautiful!! In person they were so thin and so cheaply made. The earring actually bent as I was placing the back on the earring while it was in my ear. The earrings were $2100. I wore them twice and people gasped when they realized how expensive they were. They didn't gasp at the beauty but the fact that they thought I was nuts!!! Lol... The earrings looked like bubblegum jewelry. No joke. :(

My mom was on a bus holding me when I was a baby. A lady asked my name. My mom responded Tiffany. The lady said what a beautiful name and said hopefully when she gets older she will be fortunate enough to shop at Tiffany's and smiled. My mom has told that story several times. So I've always wanted Tiffany & Co. jewelry. That pretty blue box and just to make my mom's story that much better. :) Well the box is very pretty and my earrings came wrapped in a pretty white ribbon. Loved the presentation but not the jewelry. I wish they had put the same time and quality onto the jewelry that they put into the presentation of the jewelry.

I shipped the earrings back once the earring back bent on me the second time I had put them in. It's been over three wks and we still haven't received a check for the amount paid or even an email saying they received our return. They do offer free return shipping. You can NOT return any item in a store and get your cash back. Even though they had no problem taking your cash. I will never purchase from Tiffany & Co. again. It's just not worth the money. Very disappointed at the quality and the return process. Still waiting on a $2100 check or even an email. Good luck! I hope you read the return policy before you order. And make sure you purchase from a store and not online so you can see the quality of what you are buying.

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Danielle of Norwalk, CT Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 8, 2017

I called to inquire on how much it would be to have a $150 dollar bracelet fixed. The Tiffany disk came off. Imagine my surprise when they told me it would start at $55 and up! That's outrageous! I took it to a very good local jeweler and got it fixed for $15! I'm done spending my money on this place!

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Suzanne of Clydebank, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 30, 2017

I was given a beautiful Tiffany bracelet as a bridesmaid gift, as this was very special to me I only kept it for special occasions. It broke after the second time of wearing, called customer service who weren't interested one bit! Just told me to pay 60 for repair + P+P (Which is half the price of the actual bracelet). I thought that this could not possibly be right, after all I had only worn the item twice for literally a few hours!!! So I wrote a letter explaining this and what I wanted to be done for this situation to be resolved, Tiffany's of Bond Street sent me a lovely acknowledgment email and to this day, 3 months later & 6 more emails down the line not even a single reply. I have no words for the contempt this company has for its customers. Just before this happened I had my consultation for my engagement ring with Tiffany's. Somehow I feel that my money would be much better spent on a jewelry brand that actually appreciates its customers.

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Cheryl of Mississauga, Ontario Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 23, 2017

The brand is overrated. Selection was ok for what I was looking for and the quality is fine. The price is inflated and customer service needs improving. The sales girl did not know the product. She fumbled with the stupid display board, trying to unwrap the pieces inside the cover, hidden from view. The presentation of the final purchase bag was pathetic. Considering the store and the price, tissue paper and ribbon should have been used to wrap up the item. My local jewelry store puts more class and effort in their presentation.

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jan of Ocean, NJ

Original review: Jan. 9, 2017

Manager of Red Bank NJ store rude, did not follow policy, embarrassing and was slanderous, told me not to "roll my eyes" and refused to refund return purchase only $200. Nasty and argumentative and did not follow policy or brand expected/customer service rules or policy. Already complained to Tiffany & CO corporate. No response yet, incident occurred 1/4/17. Sales manager Jennifer ** claimed no GM over her and would not give me contact information. Then reluctantly gave me her card and they wrote "Itay" on back of card for regional manager said has no contact information either. Claimed no cash refund and no cash in store ever, not sure when would be any. Item $214.00 paid cash. Gift xmas wants to mail check 2-4 weeks.

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barron of Mississauga, ON Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 22, 2016

I buy a lot of stuff from Tiffany. The bracelets are very cheaply made and keep falling apart. They keep charging me $55 for repair every time they fall apart, which is often. It's very cheaply put together and will never buy from them again. It's way overrated.

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Susan of Brooklyn, NY Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

I purchased a Tiffany necklace online (first mistake) and a) The chain was not lengthened (like I requested in the notes section) and b) It was done on Nov 21st and I have NOT received ANY credit back yet to my account. I called them about 5 times already, spent $32 to have it shipped UPS overnight only to be told that it was sent to the repairs dept not returns. WHY that makes DAYS of a difference I do not know. P.S. The item was not even worn. Everything was returned exactly as I had received it with the invoice, label etc. I was supposed to get a call back today as to the status of the item being processed and just as I expected...NOTHING. To add insult to injury...NOW I am being told it takes 2 TO 3 weeks to process the return!

EXCUSE ME but this is MY MONEY and I have to BEG for it back with Christmas in a week??? All I can say is as far as THIS goes, BE SURE you want the item, or buy it in the store or do the ordering process over the phone. This has been the worst experience with them I have ever had and I am tempted to contact the BBB. I dunno WHEN this supposedly high end store got so greedy! They have tourists walking out of the store with shopping bags full of items WHY my measly credit means so much to them that they are holding onto it for dear life I do not know. And my debit card company is no help either...but that is another complaint. Be careful people. This STORE IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE! VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!

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Apeksha of New York, NY

Original review: Oct. 20, 2016

As a doctor I am very busy! I had received a bracelet from my boyfriend about 4 months ago for my birthday. I was happy to receive it, but as a doctor I change my gloves so many times a day that a bracelet isn't very practical and had decided I wanted to exchange it for a necklace. Due to my hectic schedule of 6-7 days a week I wasn't able to come in until now. The bracelet had been in the box in the bag with the receipt in my closet for months. Completely unworn! I finally came in to exchange it and they said they could not as it was damaged and had micro scratches on it!

As I had mentioned, I cannot wear an item such as this due to my work. Not only that but I make enough money that I do not need to wear a bracelet for four months and then return it! I was told I could not exchange it and they could not help me! I've never been more insulted in my life! Lynette ** was completely unsympathetic and did not even try to listen to me! I will NEVER buy anything from them! Nor will any of my colleagues, patients, or friends & family. Now I'm stuck with a bracelet I cannot wear! After years of school and hours upon hours helping people I'm appalled at how I was treated today as I would never treat any patient this way! Just horrible!

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Julia of Anchorage, AK

Original review: July 28, 2016

I understand that jewelry tarnishes after a while. However after I purchased a pair of hoops from Tiffany's and left them untouched in their box in a drawer completely dry and untouched in less than two months they had tarnished to a completely brown spotted color when I went to take them out to wear them. I don't know who would spend that kind of money on such poor quality jewelry. Unfortunately because I bought them on vacation I do not have a Tiffany's near me so I can not go back and exchange or return them.

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Tanya of Bandera, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 7, 2016

My mother, rest her soul, purchased a silver Tiffany charm bracelet directly from Tiffany. I told her it was a waste of money to spend $800 on a silly silver bracelet, which probably only uses $50 worth of silver to manufacture. Oh, but it's a Tiffany bracelet! So that makes it okay, right? No. Last year, my mother passed away and I've been liquidating her estate. Pieces that are easily shipped, like jewelry, I've been selling on eBay. I had placed this bracelet on eBay and had several watchers on it when Tiffany and Co. had the listing removed. They have an ENTIRE task force dedicated to "trademark enforcement," which is a euphemism for we don't want our pieces on eBay because that's one less person buying our crap from us for a ridiculous amount of money.

In any case, I emailed them to ask why. They state it is because my piece is counterfeit. How they can tell that from pictures, I have no idea! I just emailed them back to ask that question. In my experience, a counterfeit piece can only be discerned by taking the piece directly to an appraiser, so how this "task force" has miraculously figured out (erroneously might I add) that the piece I'm selling is counterfeit, I have no clue! I can't wait to see their answer this time around. I will NEVER buy from Tiffany nor will I ever recommend their jewelry to anyone. They have proven themselves to me, personally, to be an unscrupulous company.

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John of Milano, Other

Original review: May 28, 2016

This is the letter I sent to Tiffany & Co. customer service – twice! They never even bother to respond, much less apologize. I have spent too much for jewelry in their stores for the last time. I regret I must write you about the unacceptable customer service I have experienced at Tiffany. In July of last year, I bought a watch as a gift for a friend at the Richmond Virginia, Stony Point Store. The sales assistant, Stella ** was remarkably charming and pleasant; she made my decision to purchase the watch a sheer delight. She was quite helpful about variations and promptly found easily what I wanted and what the recipient of the watch preferred when he also visited the store. The recipient was so pleased with the watch that he waited to inaugurate the watch at his cousins wedding in Ponza, Italy a few weeks later. Unfortunately, when he put it on for the first time, it did not work. I attempted to look at it and seemed to get it to work.

However, it only ran for about 20 minutes and then stopped. I then noticed that the hands were not properly aligned; instead of pointing directly at the 12 when it was noon or midnight, they pointed slightly toward the 11. I was quite embarrassed at giving a defective present. My friend lives near Lake Como and so I suggested he take the watch to the Tiffany store in Milan; it is about an hour away. At the Tiffany store here, he was told it was broken and it would take three months to have it repaired. They would have to send the watch to New York for the repair; this seemed strange to me since I read that the watches were made in Switzerland, whose border is forty-five minutes from Milan. I immediately called Stella ** in Richmond and explained my predicament. She said that if I brought the watch back to Richmond, she would get the watch or a replacement in two weeks time.

My friend then called Tiffany back and explained the situation, five days later. The watch had not been sent to New York. When he asked if the Milan Tiffany Store could send it to Richmond Tiffany Store where the procedure could be expedited, the personnel at your Milan store replied they could not do that. Therefore, I had to make a special trip to Via della Spiga and pick the watch up from the store and take it to Richmond myself the week following. Stella ** managed to get a functional watch for me in record time: less than the two weeks she had promised. When I went to pick it up at the Richmond store I also met Paula ** and Director Kathryn ** who were as helpful, pleasant, and as apologetic as they could be. No one apologized to me in the Milan store or thanked me for helping to resolve a customer service issue that was obviously not their problem.

So to summarize: Tiffany sold me a defective watch and it took four trips back to two stores in two different continents to get the situation corrected over a period of five months. This waste of time is then worsened by the embarrassment of giving someone something new that began life broken, not to mention the chagrin of my friend and me, being treated as second-class clients, which seems to be standard procedure abroad, given what I have read on the internet. What is unacceptable is the approach of the Milan store. In general in Italian society, the customer is at the service of commerce and your personnel or procedures at the Milan store are excellent proof of this cultural difference. It was not their watch. They had not sold it, and they were not willing to go the extra thirty minutes to resolve a situation which they had not created.

They were even slow about sending the watch off, which in hindsight, was fortunate tardiness if not outright inefficiency. In 2014 I bought an illuminated reindeer at Home Depot to put on the balcony during the Christmas season. When I assembled it, the lights exploded and it would not work. I took it back to another Home Depot store with the receipt and they gave me a replacement that worked without any difficulty at all. It only took one extra trip. The customer service at Home Depot is better organized and more oriented toward satisfying their clientele than the international customer service at Tiffany. That much is obvious.

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Original review: May 13, 2016

Hello! In reading through some of the other emails I thought for SURE and CERTAIN I would find others with my same situation!!! My hubby and I both have the keychain with the screw on bead and the oval return to Tiffany tag on it. He has the large one and I the small. We have had them for many years and have had the little screw on bead (ball) come off many times. My hubby has had his replaced twice and now I am in the middle of TRYING to get mine replaced for the second time as well. Now mind you I really am a very laid back person and this IS a small problem but a PROBLEM nevertheless. When I contacted their customer service about this I told them not only did I loss the bead...I lost the tag AND my keys as well. You may have well asked this person to slap her Granny. She started saying that was not their fault on and on and on.

I did not want a new tag or ask for them to do anything about the loss of my keys just a new bead. that I was told there would be a charge for the bead and shipping. When I made mention this had happened before and the other reps said they were ALL aware of this problem with the key chains that is when the battle began in earnest. I complained about a charge and was told that anyone with the MONEY to afford Tiffany items should not COMPLAIN about a SMALL charge! Maybe ours were NOT really a TIFFANY product!!! Can you imagine! Perhaps I sound too poor and countrified to get good service from this company. More calls to supervisors, more than 7 emails all say "I am so sorry but I am sorry!" So my keychain lies quietly in my jewelry case awaiting someone who gives a ** from Tiffany to help me! Any suggestions on what to do next? Help me! THX for listening...more than I got from Tiffany! HAHAHA!

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Cody of Long Beach, CA Verified Reviewer

Resolution response: May 2, 2016

When I first called the first line of salespeople we could not get help. I requested to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor for Tiffany was helpful and very understanding. In the end, we are keeping the ring but only wearing it for special occasions even though it was bought to b worn as a daily wedding ring. It is a beautiful ring and it's not cheap, but it is hard to wear, the diamonds can rub on side fingers, and it a fragile design.

So, in the end, Tiffany's reached out and gave us options. We wish we didn't have the ring to start with but we are keeping it, it's in our wedding photos, videos, etc. so we are getting a simple band for daily wear.

Original review: April 25, 2016

OMG, I got the sixteen stone ring for my wedding ring, and I can't wear it because it tears up my fingers. It is so pokey and painful to wear. It's like wear thorns on your hands. The salespeople never mentioned how hard this would be to wear everyday. I am very disappointed that Tiffany & Co. would sell a 11K ring that hurts a person. I think they should accept this return, but they won't. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB, and if there is a mad attorney out there that is sick of Tiffany & Co. pulling this style of sales, I would join the class action. Where is the lemon law on selling bogus expensive rings?

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Robert of Louisville , KY

Original review: April 3, 2016

Tiffany and Co. used to be the topnotch. They lost their quality. I bought a necklace for my wife and it tarnished every other day. Yurman and LV and you won't deal with the BS.

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Merlyn of Cambridge, MA Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 10, 2016

I own a pair of matching engagement ring and wedding band from Tiffany and we don't think one side of a channel was crafted well to match the rest. We communicated with the sales rep and she said, "I can do polish it or do a quick repair at any time for free at any time." But the customer service sucks to hell not only because they now charge a fee to polish their branded rings (not even to mention a repair), but also they blamed me for wearing my engagement ring everyday. I asked why, she said, "because it will be damaged due to everyday wearing". I told her I only wear during the day at work and never wash anything with them on my finger, they are securely placed in my jewelry box in the night. She said still counts, they will be damaged during the day.

I then asked, "do you mean the platinum or diamonds?" She said "both". Excuse me??? Please tell me diamonds are NOT the hardest metal in the universe, please tell me that engagement ring/diamond ring is supposed to be wearing only on the Wedding Day and special occasions. I thought people wear them forever so did your advertisement claims. Plus the uneven channel was spotted after few days we made the purchase!! It was ridiculous how a normal wearing can damage a ring and causing an uneven channel.

Their rings are the most expensive things in the world based on their size & weight. Why can customers not expect the finest quality and the most satisfying customer service?? I've never shopped Tiffany & Co ever since and there are a handful of other brands with better reputation and finer jewelry! Plus well-trained customer service representatives who can provide solutions to an existing problem rather than blaming customer for wearing their beloved diamond rings!

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Katarina of Rschlikon, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 29, 2016

I lost my Return to Tiffany bracelet a couple of years ago and when my husband went to the US he bought me a new one. When he came back with it, I was really disappointed. He payed almost exactly the same price as I had paid when I bought myself, but now the weight of the bracelet I got was almost one third of the one I had before. It felt like a fake. I was furious. That was one of the reasons I really liked it. It felt solid. Now it feels cheap!!! How come I haven't heard of anyone criticizing Tiffany for this scam!!! No articles found in the newspapers either. I feel cheated. I thought that the company stood for quality. Apparently not anymore. "Angry".

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Ken of St.Catharines, ON Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 23, 2016

Completely disgusted with Tiffany & Co. I will never spend another dime there again. In late May, I bought a sterling silver ring which I paid a good amount of money for. It was worn twice since and once taken out of the Tiffany box it was completely ruined. It was tarnished and a ugly gold colour. I have purchased sterling silver jewelry 6 years ago that has been worn often and still in perfect shape. What a ripoff and waste of money and bad customer service. The beautiful ring I purchased now looks like a fake, ugly and disgusting ring you can buy at the dollar store. I will NEVER shop there again. Absolutely appalled.

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Katie of Clifton Forge, VA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Feb. 11, 2016

Customer Service dept. lady was very rude. Before you put someone on the phone with your customers you need to understand they are the "face of your company" at that moment!! She spoke to me as if I were stupid and her attitude was condescending!! Shame on you Tiffany&Co. When I get this matter resolved I will never do business with this company again.

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Ellen of Ocala, FL

Original review: Jan. 21, 2016

It is sad that an iconic American jeweler has stooped to such low, pathetic levels of quality. Once upon a time (less than 10 years ago), a piece of jewelry from Tiffany and Co. was special and worthwhile. I was given a "1997 T & Co." silver ring for being a bridesmaid at my bestfriend's wedding. I was the only bridesmaid in a small wedding, and she wanted to give me something very special. The quality of this ring is outstanding. It's thick, gorgeous sterling silver; VERY HEAVY. She paid in the neighborhood of $250.00 for it.

Fast forward to 2015... I wanted to buy the same ring for my only daughter's Sweet 16 birthday. Paid about $250.00. It is thin, and CHEAP-LOOKING! So disappointing. My hubby purchased a sterling silver necklace and simple charm for me a few Christmases ago. Chain broke once, we sent it back. Tiffany fixed it. Chain broke again, and this time I just went to a local jeweler. He asked how much we paid for it, and said that the quality and workmanship was exceedingly poor; i.e., we got ripped off. NOT BUYING FROM TIFFANY AGAIN. ALL ITEMS WERE PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM Tiffany and Co. official website or directly from catalog/phone call, so we did not buy fakes. Tiffany and Co., what happened to you?

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