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From $1999

AS LOW AS $89.92 / MONTH*



“Alot of focus on detail, and overall durability has gone into these bikes.”
Electric Bike Report

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (21)

Max Speed 25 mph*

10 year warranty

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (22)

Up to 80 milesrange

Arrivesfully built

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (23)

350 lbsweight capacity

*Factory settings 20mph Throttle / 20mph PAS
(Can re-program to 28 mph PAS once confirmed with local city regulations. Click HERE to learn how.









(Video) Electric Bike Company Model Y Review: California Cruiser Vibes!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (24)


The Model Y is a classic style electric cruiser, built to order, 100% customizable, and arrives fully built. Awarded top rated E-Cruiser in USA by (Electric Bike Review 2018 / 2019 / 2020).

Colorize, customize, accessorize and stylize until your heart’s content.



NEW Dual Throttle TURBO + $999

Add an additional throttle to TURBO boost your E-Bike power. Perfect for hilly terrain and weight boosting.

Carry and pull heavier cargo with ease.

Simply add to your Bike during your custom build, or if you already own an EBC bike, talk to our team of experts about upgrading your E-Bike today.


  • Additional 1000w
  • Additional 40-50 mile range
  • Mini Display and Control screen included
  • Perfect for those living and riding in hilly terrain or carrying / pulling heavier Cargo than average.



MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (27)

Tire options for looking good & going fast

We have you covered with our classic Schwalbe Fat Frank Tires. The streamline tire looks so sleek on our Model Y.Signature Puncture protection consists of natural rubber and reinforced with KEVLAR® fibers.Available in all Black or Brown with white sidewall. We also offer a tire upgrade to Continental E50 should you choose.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (28)

Go further with our Batteries

We have directly designed and engineered our very own battery pack with performance and safety standards our priority.We use certified, tested and internationally EBC approved, quality, lithium Ion NMC battery cells with a world leading 5 year warranty for safety, reliability, range and life cycle.An optional external, super-charger is also available for a rapid charge.We provide international battery exchange, and easy maintenance and service with our plug and play wiring system.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (29)

BEST motor in the world

Our motors are built to the strictest Electric Bike Company standards – our motors have the highest quality copper and neodymium magnets to ensure quiet, efficient output, along with sealed bearings and state of the art circuitry. The powerful high torque, geared hub motor, provides zip when you need it. Designed by our in-house team of experts to make climbing hills efficient and carrying cargo effortless. Our motors can get you a max speed up to 28 mph* and comes with a 10 year warranty.

*Factory settings 20mph Throttle / 20mph PAS
(Can re-program to 28 mph PAS once confirmed with local city regulations. Click HERE to learn how.

* Always check your local laws before riding your E-Bike)

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (30)

Aluminum 6061, Hydro-formed Frame

Constructed via a 7 step process including painting, cleaning, base primer, 3 coats of paint, and 2 coats of clear sealant. A heat treatment gives extra strength and durability.Our frames are constructed to ensure neat, hidden wiring while still looking classic. Strong, patent-pending, front bracket allows for cargo adaptation and basket assembly, which ensuring secure handlebar functions.While most frames are 1.5 mm thick, we double that in most areas to 3 mm for sturdiness.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (31)

Plug & Play - it's easy

Electric Bike Company’s patent pending, waterproof wiring system couldn’t be easier. Match the colors and you’re good to go!Developed for ease of replacement, maintenance and service.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (32)

Thumbthrottle for safety

We prefer thumb throttles over twist throttles, as we have found twist throttles very dangerous, especially when lifting your bike over curbs and obstacles. Operators often twist the throttle in error which can cause the E-bike to shoot forward and out of control.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (33)

Brakes to STOP

Safest electric bike braking system world wide by far. 5 Star hydraulic disc brakes with sensor control design and motor disconnect and a two piston brake caliper allows for single finger braking. The 180mm rotors come with stainless steel attachment hardware, for extra safety and stopping power.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (34)

Double up on lights

Every EBC bike comes with integrated front and rear safety lights.Add a Basket, no worries, they have an integrated lighting system too.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (35)

Premium rims for higher speed

Since e-bikes are faster, used more often than regular cruisers, and often with more cargo; we install motorbike grade, double walled, Aluminum 2″ wide Ebike Rims.Our Premium, high quality rims, ensure safety standards are always met.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (36)

Stainless Steel Hardware & Bearings

Since our bikes last a lot longer than traditional cruisers, safety and reliability throughout the life span of the bike is crucial. We hand build all bikes with hardware and integrated bearings to be 100% stainless steel, rust resistance and corrosion free.Stainless Spokes & Nipples ensure a well-built, high-quality bicycle wheel. For this reason, we build our wheels from scratch in our factory, under strict quality control management. We inspect, test and use the highest quality, 13-gauge stainless, non-rust spokes and brass corrosion free nipples for both front and rear wheel construction. Our state-of-the-art wheel truing machine ensures perfect wheel alignment and balance.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (37)

Comfort Seat & Grips

Hand stitched leather grips and comfortable 300 x 300 x 100mm thick, high density foam, and back bumpers for support and cushion.Our Grips are hand stitched with aluminum secure ends to ensure they do not slip and jam the throttle as on other E-bikes.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (38)

LCD Color Display

A multi level, compact, user friendly, LCD color screen is equipped with a convenient UBS port for charging phones, playing music and more.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (39)

Ideal Chain Ring & Cogs

Ideal gearing considerations for our Cruiser style riding is a front 58T chain ring and 18T for the rear for medium to hilly terrain terrain.

Since many of our bike owners will be at the coast or leave their bikes outside, we hand build our bikes with stainless steel chain rings & chains and sealed bearings bottom brackets to enhance the longevity of the bike as a whole.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (40)

Optional Suspension Seatpost

The Suntour Suspension seatpost has been engineered and built for years of comfort and performance.The unique design allows for small bump compliance, with a total of 50mm travel to make for a smooth ride. Comfort, low maintenance and long term durability is what this post is all about.This is a must have accessory for any cyclist looking for the ultimate in comfort.Available in Black & Silver.


Bike Components

Anti-Theft Alarm



In-Basket battery
a. 40 Miles (9 Ah)
b. 80 Miles (18 Ah)
EBC approved and certified Lithium-Ion NMC Cells
(5 year warranty*)
* Please see warranty information

Battery charger

3.5 Amp super charger
with Smart charging technology, cooling fan,
aluminum cover & 3 prong charging port for safety


5 Star Hydraulic Disk Brakes
with motor disconnect and 2 piston calipers

Brake Levers

Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch

Brake Rotors

180 mm Stainless steel (front and rear)


Stainless Steel, rust resistant for longevity

Charge Time

3-4 hrs with super charger (included)

Crank Set

58T, 170 mm forged alloy, dual-sided aluminum bashguard
Sealed bearings for longevity and safety over time and essential for service and maintenance

Drive Train

Direct (single speed) or optional 7 speed


Rigid Steel 1-1/8" fork with threaded steerer tube
Suspension fork with hydraulic lockout and preload adjustment,
turn lockout on at anytime while riding,
80 mm travel, 135 mm hub width, 9 mm quick release


18T cog for medium to hilly terrain

GPS Tracker

Yes, Optional


Locking handstitched vegan leather
Aluminium secure ends for non slip
available in Black or Tan


Aluminium cruiser style - 27" wide for comfortable upright riding position


Semi-integrated, 1-1/8" straight steerer tube


Non-slip sole & wide reinforced rubber foot
prevents slipping and sinking

LCD Screen

Color display, multi level, compact
user friendly screen with USB outlet


Front and rear safety LED lights,
powered by the battery,
controlled from LCD screen


Max speed up to 28 mph
10 year warranty
*Factory settings 20 mph throttle and 20 mph PAS
(Can re-program to 28 mph PAS once confirmed with local city regulations. Click HERE to learn how.


Wellgo aluminium, integrated bearing pedals
with comfort non slip rubber


Double walled, aluminum 2″ ebike rims


Custom, leather,
300 x 300 x 100mm thick, high density foam,
elastomer bumpers for support and comfort
available in Black or Tan

Seat Post

30.4mm x 300mm ridgid aluminum, up to 350lbs
Optional Satori suspension (350lbs)
or EBC suspension (350lbs)


13-gauge stainless steel, rust resistant,
black or silver with brass nipples


Integrated 120 mm, adjustable from 0º-60º


Schwalbe Fat Frank Tire E-Cruiser tire,
available in Black or Brown with White wall,
Optional upgrade; Continental Contact Plus City E50,
puncture resistant, low rolling resistance to save battery power


Thumb throttle for safety on every bike

Geometry & Sizing

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (41)




675 mm

(Video) Electric Bike Company Model Y Review | Cruiser E-Bike (2021)




686 mm




651 mm








684 mm




1221 mm




1896 mm

Recommended Rider Height

5′ – 6’10”

Standover height

Wheel 24″ : 457mm / 26″ : 482mm

Min. rider inseam

Wheel 24″ : 18″ / 26″ : 19″

Max. weight

300 lbs

Bike weight with battery


(Video) Electric Bike Company Model Y Review - $1.7k

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Customer Reviews

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Electric Bike Company ™️


Based on 707 reviews

See all reviewsWrite a review

Love love my custom model R, E-Bike!! Rugged , so comfortable & a beauty!! It is a pleasure dealing with Electric Bike Company. Their customer service goes above & beyond!! A special thank you to Mike for all your help & guidance. I have recommended this company to all my friends & family. Super quality!!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (46)

Donna N

I called technical support with a problem I was having with a bike I bought 2 years ago. I got a human on the phone immediately. She helped me troubleshoot and we fixed it, it was a wire connection that had come loose. Excellent customer service! I love my ebike!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (47)

Jan S.

We were trying to decide if an ebike was what we wanted so we visited an Electric Bike Company dealer in Richmond, VA while we were visiting the area. We were very impressed with the bike and that dealership. We took a test ride for about 30 minutes. We loved them, we were sold! The dealership also took all the time we needed to answer our questions and helped us along with how to place an order. They gave us step by step instructions. We called them back with questions and even went back a second day to check out a few options we were thinking about. The staff there and the customer service online were all top notch. We compared other ebikes and determined that EBC was the best for us! We placed our order and have been thrilled by the service we’ve received.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (48)

Tam Y

My husband and I took a lot of time did a lot of research and couldn’t be happier with EBC. Thank you blake who answered all my questions with confidence!! We love them !

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (49)

Danielle D.

Our new Model E bikes are EVERYTHING the dealer said they'd be. We test drove several other models and found these to be the most stable, comfortable, and controllable of them all. Excellent value!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (50)

Randy J.

We took a lot of time and did a lot of research before purchasing our ebikes and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with EBC. From our first visit to the Huntington Beach showroom we were sold. Our sales rep Jeff was so helpful and knowledgeable. The online platform allowed us to customize our bikes and see different variations and models. My husband picked the X and I picked the S. The bikes were done in less than a week and Jeff kept us informed throughout the process. We took the first of many long rides tonight and the bikes have far exceeded our expectations! They are solid, well built, beautiful bikes and we are looking forward to riding around the hills of Hermosa Beach this Labor Day weekend and beyond! Thanks to Jeff, Jesse, Lucas and the entire EBC team. The BEST!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (51)

Dawn K.

Love, Love, Love my EBC Model Y in Lapis Blue. I call it my “Blueberry”. It is especially perfect with the 24” wheels for my petite frame. I see ladies asking about needing a slightly smaller electric bike. This is the one for you. I am so glad to have discovered Electric Bike Company.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (52)

Berry M.

I love my electric bike! Easy to operate and super fun to ride!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (53)

Jeanine R.

Best bike I’ve ever owned! Quality is fantastic, easy to use, and so fun. Love EBC

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (54)

Jeanine M.

I love my Model R. It’s extremely comfortable to ride and has the option to use pedal assist on 5 levels or use the throttle. The battery is located inside the frame so it makes the bike look more sleek. Blake, at the HB store was super helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommended test riding the bike at the store and designing it on their big screen. Worth every penny!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (55)

Remy C.

Purchased a model R from the HB shop and this bike is nothing less than beautiful. I did a ton of research on multiple companies and multiple different bikes. After much consideration we decided to go with the model R’s. Love the design and feel of a traditional cruiser bike with five mode pedal assist and throttle mode. Went 50+ miles on pedal assist 1-3 with ease. If your considering purchasing an E bike I recommend heading over to the shop and taking them for a test drive!!Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Also 10 year warranty on the motor!10/10 satisfied so far

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (56)


I love my E bike. I had a E-lux bike before. But like this better. Had more features with just the standard bike. I have the Y model and love that the battery is I. Bottom of basket. I got white and then had custom painted flowers put on. I highly recommend the bikes. They are less expensive to get repaired than the E-Lux bikes.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (57)

Janice H.

Jeff took care of us even though it took us a bit of time. I highly recommend HB location!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (58)

Gary & Julie Y.

We just got our new EBC bikes and LOVE them! So smooth and easy to handle. We have enjoyed our daily evening rides. Thanks EBC!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (59)

Tracy C.

Preemptive TLDR: The Model S I purchased overall proved an excellent purchase while being used as a commuter and light product carrier for 1,000 miles in six months so far, and EBC proved to absolutely stand behind their product.I received my Model S at about the very end of February, and began using it to commute around town immediately. While I am not likely to test it in icy conditions, it ran in below freezing temperatures perfectly. Through spring, I put over 400 miles on the Model S with no issues, commuting to work and back and occasionally carrying groceries and other light loads via a Basil Double Bag and the front basket. After dealing with an issue I will detail below, it's now racked up 1,000 miles travelled as of this review, and continues to serve well. It runs excellently for all forms of road as well as limited off-road travel.As for the aforementioned issue...during late spring the bicycle developed an issue I will detail here so anyone else, in the extremely unlikely event they experience this issue, may catch it early. I began to notice a regular light groaning sound coming from the rear wheel when in motion, regardless of pedaling or the motor being engaged. My local bike shop misdiagnosed this issue as spokes on the rear wheel possibly rubbing together, which might sort itself out eventually.In fact, the screws securing the motor to the rear wheel assembly were shearing off. Whether originally a defect or other issue I cannot say, as I only confirmed this after all the screws failed (the majority likely due to increased strain after initial screw failure), leaving the bicycle inoperable. After contacting EBC and sending them pictures by request, they requested I send the rear wheel assembly back for repair. I received the perfectly repaired assembly back only three days after they received it. This was in spite of me forgetting to register my Model S for warranty purposes, proof EBC will stand behind their work and take care of their customers.Some additional notes:- I unfortunately left the torque washers and flange nuts on the rear wheel assembly when shipped for repair, and they were likely lost during the repair. I replaced them with generic M12x1.25mm pitch flange nuts and torque washers which serve just as well as the OEM parts in spite of the new torque washers being a somewhat different style.- While the paint is perfectly good, it inevitably takes some wear over time. While EBC touch up paint works well enough, I found for the standard white paint Rust-Oleum Bright White Gloss protective enamel makes a quite durable alternative.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (60)

Matthew D.

I’ve had my Model E for a couple of weeks now and I’m really enjoying it! It’s so fun to ride and beautifully well built. I did call EBC with a couple of questions and they were very responsive. Love my Model E, I’m looking forward to riding it as much as possible. Life is short, enjoy riding bikes while you can ..I recommend this company .

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (61)

Mary K.

Looked at a lot of reviews, ebike sites, also some local shops. Ebc was the first site I shopped on. Awesome site. Customizing colors and accessories is great. Spent awhile on other company sites but was drawn back to ebc several times before ordering. Ordered a C, decided on a mix of the standard colors in favor of upgrading the suspension, seat, and battery. After placing the order I decided to also add the 7 speed, they added it quickly over the phone for the same price as if I ordered it initially , very pleased. I received it in a few weeks , was surprised by how fast it was. Built perfectly. Had it about a month, ridden several times and it meets or exceeds my expectations. I would order the same thing again. I have also needed to contact customer service for a small issue. The took care of it and gives me confidence they stand behind their bikes.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (62)

Brian T.

Bought a Model E for my wife who loved it so much that I bought a Model R for myself. Build quality is fantastic, delivery is quick and they come fully assembled. Fantastic bikes!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (63)

Stephen C.

I ordered through my local dealer which I am very happy I did since I had to have a major component replacement within the first 30 days. I picked the model based on internet chat with EBC. Their recommendation was off the mark. I wish I had bought a different model. Now I have a $3K bike which is very difficult to get my foot over the battery on the tube. I was up front about having fake knees and mobility issues. I got a loaner which was the one with the battery in the back. It was so much easier and comfortable. Now I am really disappointed with mine.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (64)

Gina N.

Happy man, happy dog! Jim and Bogie love their E Bike from The Electric Bike Company. It’s going on two years and running strong! Jim cruises from Long Beach to Newport with ease. I’m deciding which model to buy for myself. Thank you, for such a great product.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (65)

Paula U.

I was nervous to buy a electric bike on-line but I read many reviews about this company and made the decision to purchase a bike. I bought the bike and was very happy with the delivery, the truck driver even helped to take the bike out of the packaging. I am very happy with my bike and have been riding it daily. I'm 65 and out of shape but this bike really helps me get out there and ride! It has a lot of power to get me up the hills near my house. I bought the model E and I love it. I had fenders added to it also.

(Video) Electric Bike Company Model S VS Model Y

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (66)

Patricia T.

I purchased a model R pretty much fully loaded. Extra battery in the front basket. Numerous colors. Fenders, suspension seat post. I have put over 500 miles on it this summer. Just had my knee replaced and this helps in my rehab. Very high quality. Beautiful colors. I get compliments all the time on it. I’m 72 years old and this ebike lets me enjoy life a lot more. I have recommended EBC to others. Very pleased with this bike.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (67)

Jonathan S.

Generally we are happy with these bikes but boy, as time goes on, I’m realizing how utterly terrible all the plastic parts are. They are so brittle and breakable. I’m so frustrated that I am having to buy fairly expensive parts because I can’t just buy the plastic bits. I have to replace the whole thing. My bike is currently not rideable because I haven’t been able to purchase replacement pieces for the up/down button and the screen mount. Both just snapped one day with just normal riding. Very, very frustrating.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (68)

Miles K.

Great Bike, extremely well designed. I’ve ridden and visited many more places than with my regular bike. I ordered the standard fixed speed bike but found I really needed the 7 speed. After 2 months I had it put on , and for me it made a big difference going up hills! And it only took 1 day.Thanks again, great customer service, friendly staff.Addendum: I have ridden almost 1300 miles in about 10 months ( wanted to do 2000 miles in a year but broke my ankle-had to take 2 months off).Still love it, have gone grocery shopping many times, including Costco (which limits the amount I can carry back home) A friend of mine, who bought his EBC bike at the same time, and I both talk about the excellent decision we made to buy our bikes at the time we did. I have had numerous other bike riders comment on how great the bike looks. Thanks again EBC, #electricbikecompany.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (69)

Larry B.

This bike is awesome! It feels just like my old beach cruiser, but even more comfortable. The people at Electric Bike Company are great. Excellent customer service. Ordered it online and picked it up at their Newport Beach office. Love the fact that each one is custom made for you here in the USA. My only wish is that the tires were all black as opposed to having the white reflector stripe, but all good. Totally satisfied with the whole experience.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (70)


hello , i love my model s . it came quickly and ready to go . i ride it on dirt gravel grass and trails . read your manual and avoid the things i figured out the hard way . built like a tank and alot of fun .

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (71)

charles F.

Great bike, fun to ride, beautiful workmanship. I’m a proud owner.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (72)

Roberta W.

Good folks there at EBC. It’s nice to know real people here in the states is behind the company, and they make buying a bike a really pleasant experience.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (73)


We just received my wife’s bike ( bought it for our anniversary ) Just how it came packaged in the box was truly amazing! Happy wife - Happy Life! Can’t say how beautiful and premium this bike is.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (74)

Brian T.

When I purchased this bike I had high expectations. After riding my model R several times it has exceeded them. I’m 6ft 215 lbs and I top end at slightly over 20 mph without pedal assist. Took me no time to have it out of the box and heading down the road. The fat tires means I’ll be using it for hunting.couldn’t be anymore stealth

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (75)

melvin K.

Bike is easy to use

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (76)

Tisha A.

LOVE this bike! It is really well built, it goes as slow or as fast and helps as little or as much as you'd like. Looks super sharp...the first night I took it for a ride on the beach I got a "nice bike" from two random people. The customer service reps are really helpful if you call with questions about which options to get, and the local dealer I bought it from allowed me to test a couple models and decide which model to get. It's a nice ride, good job EBC!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (77)

Tyler W.

I love the model E bike. However, I brought 2 bikes and one of the bike will not charge. I have sent 3 requests for help and nothing. I have call and was given a number to call the head mechanic and had to leave a message. I am not happy with the response time.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (78)

Glenda R.

What a Great BikeI was looking for a bike made in the USA. Bikes from the Electric Bike Company are engineered, designed, and Assembled right here in the USA. During my investigation several things impressed me about the Electric Bike Company... the motor is co-engineered with MXUS, the lithium batteries are co-engineered with Samsung. In addition, the brakes, front suspension fork and seat post shock absorber are all brand name units. Finally, the bike frame and motor are backed up with a 10 your warranty and the battery is backed up with a five year warranty. Due to the COVID-19 it took a while for the bike to be built and shipped but when I received it it came exactly as they claim. Very well packaged and no damage from California all the way to Ohio. After riding the bike I was that much more impressed with the performance, handling and style. The model C is a large bike and it met all my expectations. I am 5 foot eight and I did not have to raise the seat and I am completely comfortable starting up and operating the bike. The motor is very impressive during acceleration and maintaining speeds as high as 28 mph. for cruising 15 to 20 miles an hour I was happy that I ordered the bike with the 16 tooth rear sprocket versus the 18 tooth standard sprocket. I will be ordering a model S for my wife.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (79)

David R.

Although we were waiting for the folding model I decided to order the X model. It transports easily on our pickup truck bed Thule rack thanks to the quick release front wheel. Kudos to EBC for quickly dealing with an issue with the chain and promptly reimbursing the bike shop charge. It performs great on our Vermont hills. I brought it to the Airstream International Rally in Maine where it drew positive attention. Best of all we met some EBC owners who reported 4 years of trouble free use! It’s a winner.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (80)

Jay W.

My custom order of the Model C was a breeze and I’ve been riding this bike all the time since I received it! It came out exactly how I pictured.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (81)

Katelyn H.

I bought the Model E, white frame, black accents. I prefer no basket with a rack on back, makes it easier to maneuver. I also added the gear shifter, I like being able to adjust this as I'm riding different speeds.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (82)

Ryan M.

Love my bike. I have the Model E. Amazing ride, so far have gone as fast as 19mph and level 3 woo hoo. I did add fenders, basket and back rack all of which I had painted white. A little pricey but worth it as bike looks amazing. My little 15lb dog fits perfectly in the front basket.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (83)

Samantha S.

I do not even know where to start, there are so many amazing things I could say about EBC. I will start with the fact that they have excellent customer service from start to finish. From their online chat, to talking with someone over the phone to meeting their team in person. I had rented an EBC months before purchasing and did a little homework before making my final purchase of the Model E from EBC. EBC bikes are second to none. Not only are the built here in the USA, they are beautiful and of unbelievable quality! So many electric bikes I have seen aren't also real bikes and don't look like a typical pedal bike which is one thing that was important to me. I had considered many common bike companies for my electric bike but they were only maybe slightly under what I paid and made in production without the extra care and consideration. With EBC, I built my bike over the phone with Kyle who was super helpful and patient and was able to see it in person before it was shipped to my home in Charlotte. They even changed the basket color for me as I built mine looking online and once I saw it in person, felt a different color basket would look better. They changed it for me before shipping it to my home. I was really nervous about the delivery given how disorganized shipping companies are but R&L Carriers were fantastic too! They even called prior to arriving at my house as promised! That in itself was a huge win! The bike came in perfect condition and was so well packaged to protect it. Everything sent from EBC about the tracking number and quick start guide came the day my bike was shipped too. Just another thing to show EBC's proof of exceptional customer service. I can't wait to tell everyone where I got my bike and that they should order their's from Electric Bike Company! Thanks, Sean, Kyle and team!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (84)

Kristin E

Below is my 1 month review for my EBC Model R bike, after riding just over 100 miles. I'll start with the Pros:- it's a beautiful bike that lets you customize to your dreams delight. I went with straight black, so not too much customization coming in at $3k.- the customer service is great. You definitely want this, cuz ebikes will have issues of some kind. And I live close to the Newport Beach facility.- the warranty is a security blanket. I haven't had to test this yet, and I hope the battery wont need it (see below)- ability to test the demos for hours- it's a blast to ride.Cons:- I did have an quality control issues which required me to take it in a few times for them to fix during the first 30 days. The location on Newport Blvd was the best location to go to... with Belle, Claudia and the rest of the team being very attentive.- the screw in middle of back fender was grating the tire while riding. The guy who put the bike together initially didn't adjust the back rack correctly, so it pushed down on fender into the tire.- the chain rubbed against back tire in both 1st and 2nd gears. This was also fixed, by raising frame off wheel a little. Not sure how mechanically sound that is long term, but EBC was the one making the adjustment so I'll trust it.- paint was scratched a little in various places, but they gave me some touch-up paint for it- Battery life not so great. I was able to get about 35 miles on a full charge, but I live in a hilly area of Orange County along the coast. The next time I charged I committed to not using PSA 4 and 5 unless I really need help on hills. Unfortunately I only got 25 miles on that next charge. It quit out on me halfway home. Fortunately I have the 7 gears and I'm under 170 lbs., unfortunately it's a big bike. I don't expect to have super long rides, but it would be nice to have the extra level of comfort just in case. And I'm not going to spend another several hundred for another battery after spending $3k on a bike.- the bike doesn't seem to perform as well as the demos I tried. And I did test them on the hilly areas behind the Newport Blvd location.Bottom line: it's a beautiful bike, which seems to have some quality control issues (variability between units). Would I buy it again? I think I'll need to revisit after 6 months. The customization is great, but I went with all black. The customer service is great, which is critical for me... especially if I have more quality issues.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (85)

Michael C.

I received my Type R on June 24th. I just set an appointment for my Local Bike shop to do it's 100 mile checkup. I love love love this bike. I used it as my daily driver. Work, Store, Pokemon hunting with my son. It is a solid beast.I chose this brand and style to help strengthen my hip after a total hip replacement. I live on an extremely steep hill and my bike pulls it. Keep in mind I am 6 ft and 350 lbs. I have the extra basket battery and have never come close to running out of battery.This is by far the best present my wife has ever gotten me. I am not a E-Biker!P.S. my local bike shop is thinking about carrying EBC bikes after seeing mine.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (86)

Gregory M.

This 73 year old man has been riding all of his life and the transition to an electric bike was seamless. On the Olympic Discovery Trail in Washington State, I typically ride 8-15 miles roundtrip. Terrain includes flat sections to 250º inclines. The e-bike handled all of this with ease. With the 7 gear option installed, I found it conserved power usage pedaling and using the gear range up the steepest of inclines. I found that a lower number in the power assist mode was the optimum and safest way to proceed from a stand still. Motor has a lot of power!The finish and detail was exceptional right down to who assembled it. Thanks, Oliver! The pallet options of colors and combos I found to be visually exciting and unique to my taste. Mine already has a marketing tag of “ ’49 Sheriff Cruiser” because EBC allowed me to have my personal input.All functions, to name just a few, lights, brakes, power assist, gear changing, etc. performed to this purchaser’s expectations. The finish was excellent to my discerning eye. It did not give me the feeling of mass production in a foreign land, but rather quality right here in the good old USA!The Dealer,, out of Port Angeles made the experience seamless. This mode of transportation will see this old man happily riding off into the sunset.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (87)

Rob V.

Yesterday I took a maiden ride on my new Model S e-bike and I loved it! She arrived in immaculate condition with a fabulous paint job and such attention to detail. She drew the attention of the neighbors who had to come check her out. A beauty! I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and I have the luxury of the 130 mile Olympic Discovery Trail just a block from my house. What a fabulous ride. My new e-bike easily adapted to whatever speed I wanted to take up and down the rolling trail along the coast of the Salish Sea. My destination was the Sequim Bay State Park 5 miles away. I was there in no time! And what a gorgeous location my new trusted friend took me. She looked beautiful at my picnic site and she received appreciative comments and questions. A mother even took pictures of her little girl perched on my lovely e-bike. I had the 7 speed added to my bike and found that shifting to a lower gear made my pedal assist on 2 a breeze up some of the steeper inclines, therefore saving my battery. The ride home was quite breezy and traveling directly into the wind, but it wasn't a challenge at all. The e-bike handled it beautifully. I'm excited to cycle many more miles on the ODT in the days to come!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (88)

Mari Jo Girdner V.

The daughter loves the bike and rides it every day. The bike was built fast and was ready for pickup earlier than expected. Quality of the bike it top-notch. Thank you!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (89)

Scott W.

Received our new electric bikes, yes we bought two, and couldnt be happier. We look forward to many miles of fun! And in these Rocky Mts this bike will keep us riding for years to come. We bought ours from Boost E bikes in Denver. Stop by to see what they can do for you! They are phenomenal and their customer service beats all others hands down!

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (90)

Judy C.

My wife and I absolutely love our custom EBC ebikes. We carry them on a rack on the back of our motorhome as we travel the country. We do not tow a car so we use the ebikes to get around, including to shop for groceries and sightsee. We have ridden them on a number of beaches. These ebikes are versatile. They are cool too. We get a lot of comments and inquisitive questions from total strangers who are attracted by the unique design and colors.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (91)

Dave D.

I love my new EBC electric bike! Great quality. My wife ordered one too and it should be here in about another week. My only concern (and why I only gave 4 stars instead of 5) is because I am trying to learn more about the bike, including the alarm, but the brochure does not go into depth as a user guide. I have questions about the display screen and it’s functions, and I have questions about the alarm. But overall I am sure I will learn about it all and will enjoy my bike for years to come!!Update: I change my review to five stars because the electric bike company has a chat option to ask questions and I was very successful at getting immediate answers to the questions that I have. Very impressive.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (92)

Frank D.

Ordered a model X all the way from Connecticut. Was looking for a beach cruiser type. Delivery was quick and product is outstanding! Live in a very hilly area in the Farmington Valley and it handles every hill with ease. I was unsure about purchasing an electric bike but finally just went for it. The best buy I've made in years. Model X with just the standard battery w/ gear shift. Absolutely would recommend.

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (93)

Seamus M.

I just purchased my second ebc bikeI really like the quality of the bikes. We do a lot of leisure biking and I enjoy the carrying optionsOn my first bike, I have the front and rear basketI really like it, but is makes it very heavy and I am always worried about running out of battery on a rideI have actually ran out twice… although we ride 40 mile ridesI have thought about getting a larger battery, but they are very expensiveMy second one is a basic model r, and it seems to never run close to running battery out, although I only had it a weekI really am enjoying both bikes

MODEL Y - Electric Bike Company® (94)

Laura Y.

(Video) Electric Bike Company Model R Review - $2.2k


Does Tesla make electric bikes? ›

Tesla unveiled a new concept eBike called the Model B. In addition to a sleek frame design, the Model B is equipped with forward-facing, side-facing, and rear proximity LiDAR sensors that scan the environment to form a “protective bubble,” alerting the rider of any obstacles.

Who is the owner of electric bike company? ›

After a successful career in the restaurant business, Sean Lupton-Smith decided it was time to take on a new venture – one that would create real, everlasting change in the world. Inspired by the power of transportation and mobility, Sean realized electric bikes represent something tremendously special.

Which Ebikes are made in Taiwan? ›

Keego's e-bikes are manufactured in Taichung, Taiwan. Taichung is the epicenter of the ebike and bicycle industries in Taiwan.

Where is Voltbike manufactured? ›

All of our bikes including our electric tricycle Trio, have the frames and parts manufactured in China, and are then assembled in Port Coquitlam, Vancouver Canada.

Who owns ZuGo? ›

One of those people is my new friend, Juls Bindi, founder of the electric bike brand ZuGo Bike.

What is the price of Tesla bike? ›

ELECTRIC Scooter Tesla Cosbike at Rs 75000 | Electric Scooter in Rajsamand | ID: 23564688748.

What is the best ebike company? ›

Top Ebike Brands of 2022: Our Favorites List
  • Rad Power Bikes.
  • Lectric eBikes.
  • Ride1Up.
  • Aventon.
  • Ariel Rider.
  • Juiced Bikes.
  • Biktrix.
  • Blix Bikes.

What is the largest ebike company? ›

Giant Manufacturing – $2.789 billion

This manufacturing giant is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality e-bikes. Giant manufacturing is a Chinese company that was founded in 1972.

Which company is best for electric bicycle? ›

Popular Electric Cycles in 2022
  • Nexzu Bazinga. Rs. 46,999. ...
  • Nexzu Rompus Plus. Rs. 33,999. ...
  • 2.1. | read reviews. Hero Lectro Electric C3. ...
  • Hero Lectro Electric C5. Rs. 30,999. ...
  • 3.1. | read reviews. Hero Lectro Electric F6i. ...
  • Hero Lectro WINN. Rs. 44,090. ...
  • 3.1. | read reviews. Toutche Electric Heileo M100. ...
  • 2.1. | read reviews.

Are any e-bikes made in USA? ›

Yes, there are! These 3 electric bike companies offer ebikes that are Made in the USA – Outrider USA out of Fletcher, NC, Electric Bike Company out of Costa Mesa, CA, and Hi-Power Cycles from Chatsworth, CA. They have some amazing electric bikes that look like a lot of talent was poured into the craftsmanship.

What is the best e bike made in the USA? ›

The Top 3 eBikes Built in the USA
  1. Optibike R22 Everest. Optibike High Performance Electric Bikes. 1.92K subscribers. Riding the 160 mile Rimrocker trail on an Optibike eMTB.
  2. Electric Bike Co. Model R. 208K subscribers. ...
  3. HPC 2022 Trailblazer. Hi Power Cycles. 26K subscribers. 2022 HPC Trailblazer.
15 Sept 2022

Who makes Voltbikes? ›

George Krastev (Georgi Krastev) is originally from Europe and started VoltBike Electric Inc. in 2013 as a side project at his home garage in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. 7 years later, that side project has become a profitable, self-funded company with thousands of riders around North America.

Are volt bikes made in the UK? ›

Our story. Volt is a multi-award winning brand of electric bicycles designed and manufactured in the UK, with our head office in central London and factory in Milton Keynes.

Is volt bike worth buying? ›

Roblox Jailbreak: Is the Volt Bike any good? Long story short: The Volt Bike is fantastic. It isn't the best vehicle in Roblox Jailbreak, or even the fastest vehicle, but it is one of the best overall.

How fast do ZuGo bikes go? ›

Rhinos are shipped as Class 2 street-legal bikes with a standard max speed of 20mph. However, if you like extra speed, you can easily unlock your Rhino with a code and transform your e-bike into a Class 3 e-bike with pedal assist. Unlocking your ZuGo will give you a top speed of 28mph.

Who owns Aventon eBike? ›

Jianwei Zhang is the founder and president of Aventón Bikes. Augusto Peraza III, co-founder, is a Los Angeles native with an innovative vision and experience on the streets as a veteran of Wolfpack Hustle as well as on the race track.

Who is the owner of Himiway bikes? ›

Overview. Mike Magaruh is the Founder of Himiway Bikes.

What is the cost of BMW electric bike? ›

Price & Launch

BMW Electric Scooter costs $11,795 (approx Rs. 9.50 lakh) for the base model and $14,180 (approx Rs. 11.42 lakh) for the top-spec variant (both prices ex-sh) in global markets.

How much is Keanu Reeves bike? ›

$78,000. In addition to starring on the big screen in action-packed movies, Keanu Reeves has been busy building a motorcycle company. It's called Arch Motorcycles and it was created by Reeves and Gard Hollinger.

How much does the BMW electric bike cost? ›

The CE 04 starts at $11,795 (£11,700 in UK), going up to $14,795 (£13,400) for the highest-spec model.

What is the strongest ebike? ›

The fat tire e-bike comes with a 1,000+ watt motor known as the Bafang M620 Ultra. It's the most powerful and highest torque e-bike mid-drive motor on the retail market.

What brand of Ebike does Costco sell? ›

Jetson Bolt Pro folding electric bike | Costco.

Is bafang a German company? ›

Following the official renaming of the German subsidiary as "Bafang Electric GmbH", Bafang continues its ongoing success story in the German market.

Who is the fastest electric bike? ›

With a top speed of 165 km/h, eSX claims the spot as India's fastest Electric Motorcycle. It comes with a maximum range of 210 kilometers on a single charge.

What is the lifespan of an electric bike? ›

On average, ebikes last around 10 years. That number can be higher or lower depending on the type of bike and how you use it. If you are conscientious about caring for your ebike, it can last well over a decade. However, various parts like motors and chains will need to be periodically replaced even with proper care.

How many electric bike companies are there? ›

There are 281 electric bikes/motorcycles currently on sale from various manufacturers like Ather, Ola, TVS and many more starting from Rs 25,000. The most popular products under this bracket are the Ola S1(Rs. 79,999), Ather 450X(Rs. 1.36 Lakh) and TVS iQube Electric(Rs.

What are the 2 types of electric bikes? ›

Depending on the location of the motor, e-bikes are divided into two main types:
  • Electric bikes with the hub motor. The motor is built into one of the wheels and transmits energy to it. ...
  • Mid-drive motor. The motor is not located in one of the wheels, but in the middle of a bicycle in the pedals area.
22 Aug 2020

What bike companies are made in USA? ›

State Directory
25 more rows

Where are Yamaha e-bikes made? ›

Yamaha has announced that its eBike motor production will shift to a new wholly-owned MBK Industrie facility based in France, marking the announcement with detail on its new PWseries S2 drive unit.

Where are Bosch Ebikes made? ›

As a division of Bosch, Bosch eBike Systems is integrated into overall company's plant network. The components for our eBike systems are developed at the Bosch eBike Systems headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany. The drives and the batteries are produced and consolidated at the Bosch plant in Miskolc, Hungary.

Which is the best e bike in the 2022? ›

  • Aventon Aventure. The Best Fat Tire Electric Bike, 2022.
  • Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus. Best Utility Electric Bike, 2022.
  • Ride1UP 700 Series. The Best Class 3 Electric Commuter Bike, 2022.
  • Lectric XP 3.0. ...
  • Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus. ...
  • Himiway Cruiser. ...
  • Lectric XP Lite. ...
  • Blix Aveny Skyline.
19 Nov 2022

What are the 3 types of Ebikes? ›

Understanding the Three Classes of Electric Bikes

Class 1: The motor kicks in only when you pedal, and stops helping at 20 mph. Class 2: Also has a pedal-assist mode up to 20 mph plus a purely throttle-powered mode. Class 3: Is solely pedal-assist (like class 1), but assistance continues until you hit 28 mph.

What is the best long distance ebike? ›

Top Ebikes with Longest Range
  • #1 ANCHEER Sunshine AT1 26” Electric Bike.
  • #2 NAKATO 26” Electric Bike.
  • #3 Gyroor C3 14” Electric Bike.
  • #4 VIVI B09M3LNBGY 26” Electric Bike.
  • #5 VELOWAVE VWFMTB3 26” Electric Bike.
  • #6 Heybike Mars 20” Electric Bike.
21 Sept 2022

What company makes Jetson? ›

Swedish eVTOL company Jetson has sold out all of its 2022 production of the Jetson ONE.

Who company owns revolt Motors? ›

RattanIndia Enterprises has completely acquired electric vehicle company Revolt Motors, set up by mobile handsets maker Micromax cofounder Rahul Sharma. RattanIndia had previously taken a 33.84% stake in Revolt with an option to increase the shareholding.

Where is Haibike from? ›

In 1995, Haibike was founded in the small German city Schweinfurt. In the beginning these sporty bikes were still offered under the name of our parent brand Winora, but soon became Haibike. Over the next 15 years, the brand developed new models and further advanced, both visually and technically.

Which e-bikes are made in UK? ›

Making them one of the only electric bike companies to be made in the UK. Thank you Volt! Raleigh is one of the UK's oldest and most loved bicycle manufactures. They have worked hard to ensure they have not been left behind with the new trend in e-bikes.

Are any e-bikes made in the UK? ›

Our electric bikes are hand built in the UK, from the bare frame up, with better motors, a longer battery life and a greater choice of models to suit your needs - built for people who ride bikes and for cyclists, Eco Voltz better by design!

Are frog bikes British? ›

Frog Bikes is a UK bicycle manufacturer. They specialise in producing bikes for children aged 1 to 14, including balance bikes. They use the motto "the lightweight kids' bike".

Is Volt bike getting deleted? ›

However, asimo3089 replied in a tweet regarding the Volt; it will not be removed however, instead it will have a new chassis, as well as the Dune Buggy, though he has said in some replies to tweets he is tempted to remove it and make a replacement.

Which cheap electric bike is best? ›

Popular Electric Bikes Under 50,000 in India
  • 2.3. | 107 reviews. Bounce Infinity E1. Rs. ...
  • | read reviews. Avon E Plus. Rs. 25,000. ...
  • 3.2. | 20 reviews. Avon E Scoot. Rs. ...
  • 0.8. | read reviews. Avon E Lite. ...
  • 3.4. | read reviews. Avon E Mate. ...
  • | read reviews. Lohia Oma Star. Rs. ...
  • 3.6. | 27 reviews. Komaki XGT KM. ...
  • 2.6. | read reviews. Komaki X2 Vouge.

Are Volt bikes waterproof? ›

E-bikes, just like conventional bikes, are water-resistant. Even though they are not completely waterproof, they can withstand rainy conditions to some degree.

Why did Tesla not make bikes? ›

On being asked about Tesla launching electric motorcycles during a shareholder meeting on Tuesday, CEO Elon Musk said the company was "not going to do motorcycles". Explaining his decision, Musk said that he "used to ride motorcycles" when he was a kid but was almost killed by a truck once while riding his bike.

How fast is the Tesla electric bike? ›

The cheaper electric bicycle has a Tesla-grade battery, made of 21700 cells, providing up to 75 miles (~121 km) of range. The GIN X has a top speed of 32 mph (~51 kph) and a robust suspension system to help you off-road.

How fast does a Tesla bike go? ›

It cranks out 1,020 horsepower and has a top speed of 200 mph, though that top speed requires a software update that hasn't yet happened.
Place your bets, does the electric car or electric motorcycle win this epic EV race?
Make/ModelTesla Model S
Tagsharley-davidson livewire plaid
1 more row
5 Jan 2022

Who is the leader in electric motorcycles? ›

Honda launched the world's first commercially available electric motorcycle in 1994, and has been the world leader in electric motorcycles ever since.

How much is a Tesla dirtbike? ›

The company's website says the ATV is suitable for children aged eight and up. It costs $1,900, and Tesla warned orders may not arrive in time for the holidays.

Why people are not buying electric bike? ›

E-bikes are very expensive

And that's the thing, nobody really knows how much should it cost, but it is definitely expensive at 36,500.

Why are electric scooters illegal but not bikes? ›

However, under UK law, e-scooters, alongside hoverboards and electric unicycles, are considered “powered transporters”. This classification means that it's illegal to use them on pavements, cycle lanes or in pedestrianised areas, so you would only be able to use your new scooter on your own private property.

Will Tesla make a scooter? ›

But scooters are out of the question

When asked if Tesla plans to make a vehicle smaller and more affordable than the Model 3, such as a scooter, Musk spoke against the micromobility device. “Scooters are very dangerous,” he said. “I don't recommend anyone drive a scooter.

What is the fastest electric bike ever? ›

The Delfast Top 3.0 is regarded as fastest electric bike in the world. With a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h), the Top 3.0 holds the title as the fastest production e-bike. This is the result of using a 3000 W electric motor, powered by a high-capacity battery.

Which is fastest electric bike? ›

With a top speed of 165 km/h, eSX claims the spot as India's fastest Electric Motorcycle. It comes with a maximum range of 210 kilometers on a single charge. In addition, it can achieve 0-100km/h acceleration in just 2.9 seconds.

Can electric bikes go 30 mph? ›

In short, yes they can be. Certainly they get you up to speed a lot quicker than pedalling, but they will have a top speed they stop assisting you at. Electric Bikes, or EAPCs (Electrically Assisted Pedal Bicycles) assist the rider in reaching 15.5 or 28mph, depending on the motor size.

Can a Tesla go 250 mph? ›

New Tesla Roadster performance

Tesla claims the new Roadster will sprint from e 0-60mph in under 1.9 seconds, 0-100 in 4.2 seconds and a top speed of more than 250mph.

How fast does a 750W electric bike go? ›

[750W POWERFUL BAFANG MOTOR]750W high-speed BAFANG brushless motor provides electric bike max speed up to 28 mph. 80Nm of torque is enough for your daily riding on all terrains, ensuring excellent riding experience off-road. BAFANG motor as a top brand motor,which has longer using life and less maintenance.

Can a Tesla go 200 mph? ›

The Tesla Model S can actually hit 200 mph if you take off the limiter and find a big enough airstrip. The officially usable top speed of the 1,020 HP Tesla Model S Plaid is 175 MPH, electronically limited, and only available in Track Mode.


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