List of Acceptable Documents (2023)

  • Applicants are required to submit the proof of address of the present address only, irrespective of the date from which he/she has been residing at the given address. However, he/she is required to mention all the places of stay during previous one year (from the date of application filling) in the Passport application form.
  • Furnishing of Aadhaar card will expedite processing of passport applications.
  • Aadhaar letter/card or the e-Aadhaar (an electronically generated letter from the website of UIDAI), as the case may be, will be accepted as Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Photo-Identity (POI) for availing passport related services. Acceptance of Aadhaar as PoA and PoI would be subject to successful validation with Aadhaar database.
  • (For Minor): For minor applicants, present address proof document in the name of parent(s) can be submitted.
  • (For Document No. 7): Only public limited companies can give address proof on company letter head along with seal. Computerised print-outs shall not be entertained.
  • (For Document No. 11): To view the Circular,click here.
  • (For Document No. 12): To view the list of banks whose Photo Passbook is acceptable as proof of address,click here.
  • Documents containing address out of 12 documents listed under Tatkaal application, could also be accepted as proof of residence if such documents have the same present residential address as given by the applicant in the Passport Application Form.To view list of acceptable documentsclick here


What counts as proof of ID? ›

Name documents:

biometric residence card. national identity card. travel document. birth or adoption certificate or certificate of registry of birth.

What are work documents? ›

Work Document means the Schedule of Quantities attached as “Annexure A” , and which document shall be attached as an annexure to the Contractor's Individual Agreement detailing the Sites and the Deployment Area for which Security Services are required, related Security Services, resources and applicable rates. Sample 1.

What documents do I need for my first day of work? ›

You'll likely meet with Human Resources on your first day to square away any necessary paperwork, and you'll need documents to establish both your identity and your right to be employed in the U.S. Plan to bring your driver's license, state- or government-issued ID card, or passport, as well as your social security ...

Can I use birth certificate as ID? ›

Will a birth/marriage certificate issued by the local civil registrar be accepted instead of the PSA-issued certificates? Yes.

Is student ID a valid ID? ›

! School IDs are valid proof of identification of students who are currently enrolled. If the applicant is of legal age and not a student, they are required to submit any of the government issued IDs stated in this link:…

Can you use a bank statement as proof of identity? ›

If your bank or building society has printed a statement for you in branch, this can be accepted as proof of ID for pre-employment checks as long as it is dated within the last six months.

What is the most common document required from job applicants? ›

For many employers, a resume (or a resume and cover letter) provides all the information they require. However, other employers may need more information to determine which applicants they will interview and eventually hire.

What type of ID is valid for passport? ›

Photo ID: A driver's license, government-issued ID, military ID, Certificate of Naturalization, or previously issued passport (if you are applying for a new one) are all acceptable forms of ID.

Can I smile on student ID? ›

The style of photo suitable for passport photos is suitable for your student card, you can even smile in it, however please do not digitally alter your image.

Is barangay ID valid ID? ›

NOTE: For Housing related transactions, the following Valid IDs shall not be accepted: ▪ Barangay Certification or Barangay IDs or similar documents bearing picture of the Member ▪ Company ID issued by Private Entities or Institutions Registered with or supervised or regulated either by the BSP, SEC or IC.

What type of ID is school ID? ›

The School Identification (ID) Number is a unique and permanent six-digit number assigned to any educational institution offering basic education in the Philippines.

What is an acceptable bank statement? ›

The statement must be less than 90 days old. You may not submit any document you complete yourself (e.g. a deposit slip, application, etc.) It must have been issued/sent from a bank or financial institution. It must be a statement, and not some other form of communication (e.g. a letter, notification, etc.)

How can I prove my identity without photo ID? ›

Most recent mortgage statement from a recognised lender** Current benefit book or card or original notification letter from Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) confirming the rights to benefit (for example, child allowance, pension)** Current local council rent card or tenancy agreement.

How do banks verify documents? ›

Generally, banks have a verification team of their own. A representative from the team is sent to the borrower's place of residence to verify the address in person. They also visit the borrower's workplace and verify if the customer works with them.

What two forms must an employee? ›

Form I-9 and E-Verify System for Employment Eligibility

The new employee must provide documentation of identity and work eligibility.

What are the 2 forms that employees must complete when they start a new job what is the purpose of each? ›

New employees need to fill out a Form I-9 to verify employment eligibility as well as a W-4 for income tax. In states with an income tax, it's necessary to fill out a second W-4.

What mandatory documents are required at the time of joining of a new employee? ›

New joining employees are required to submit documents before joining which includes His/her C.V with one photograph and joining form duly filled, The resignation copy of the last company; salary slip for last three months month; experience certificate of the company; reliving certificated copy; Experience certificate ...

What are payroll documents? ›

Payroll records are the combined documents pertaining to payroll that businesses must maintain for each individual that they employ. This includes pay rates, total compensation, tax deductions, hours worked, benefit contributions and more.

What are mandatory documents? ›

Mandatory Documents means any requested document that may result in the disqualification of the supplier if not submitted; Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3. Mandatory Documents means the documents listed as mandatory documents in the Contract Particulars; Sample 1.

What is the most important pre employment document? ›

Pre-employment checks are a crucial part of the recruitment process, enabling you to reduce the risk of hiring someone who could cause your business difficulties. References form a major part of pre-employment checks but increasingly, hiring managers are vetting candidates' social media presence as well.

What documents are needed for E-Verify? ›

The four List A documents that will trigger photo matching are the U.S. passport, passport card, Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551) and Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766).

When can an employer ask for I 9 documents? ›

Employers must complete and sign Section 2 of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, within 3 business days of the date of hire of their employee (the hire date means the first day of work for pay).


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