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For ambitious students, creating an essay, in other words a motivational letter for university admission, is a chance to demonstrate academic ability, originality of thought, and to impress with their written just do my homework reviews. Some students enjoy the writing process itself, because there is a chance to implement their academic skills in the research, to make a worthy argument.

The question often arises how to write a memorable essay and distinguish yourself among the crowd. In this article, we will reveal this secret to you.

Why do we write an essay?

Before we write it, we need to go back to the basics, understand who will be checking and analyzing, after that it will become clear what teachers are looking for.

Not only the level of the student is taken into account, but also many other aspects:

Knowledge – fundamentally important, writing an essay provides an opportunity to check and consolidate information, which is important in the learning process, especially in the humanities.

Comprehension – checking the understanding and explanation of complex concepts and situations. Teachers pay attention to your ability to disclose a given topic.

It is also a test of your ability to absorb and process large amounts of information in such a short amount of time, as well as your ability to emphasize important information.

A test of written English.

Writing, as part of the whole admission procedure, also has a limited time limit, testing your ability to plan and distribute your work. Of course, all tasks must be done at the highest level and submitted within the specified deadline.

Characteristics of a perfect essay

We already know why we write essays, but that’s not enough. Teachers may have their own preferences in choosing the best, but there are still some features that distinguish the best from the best:

1.Originality of thought.
The hallmark of a good essay is originality. This does not mean that you have to present novelty of research in your paper, in fact, you will have enough time to study each subject in depth individually on GCSE, A-level, or even IB.

2. In-depth knowledge.
It goes without saying that your essay should demonstrate not only in-depth knowledge, but also a clear understanding of the topic of the current problem, and reveal the topic, supported by a large number of arguments and theses. To confirm the high quality of your work, you need to process a lot of information and compare other people’s ideas about the topic.

3.Concretization of Information.
The purpose of impeccable essay content is to inform and persuade. Using specific knowledge pertaining to a topic does not take up a lot of teachers’ time. This brings us back to the issue of sorting the relevant facts and isolating the necessary and important information from the general. Superfluous information only shows that you didn’t quite get the point.

4. Flawless English.
The structure of the narrative should be easy to understand. Suggestions should be logically constructed and understandable from the first time. The main thing to stick to the logical connection between sentences and the transition from one fact to another. Well, of course, the spelling and grammar must be flawless.

5.Additional Knowledge.
Persistent students always read more than the recommended reading list.
Undoubtedly, reading books overtime will give you the opportunity to improve your knowledge, be the best among your peers, and make a profound impression with your outstanding essay. When studying English, for example, you don’t need to read only specific texts.

We offer you some tips to help you expand your knowledge by reading additional literature:
– Read and compare different works by the author;
– Work with contemporary literature. Analyze the text of the essay, whether you support contemporary thoughts;
– Do a psychological analysis of the author’s work, study the work of the author’s predecessors, what inspired the author to write the work;
– Read literary criticism;
– Analyze the thoughts of critics and determine whose opinions are closest to your own;
– Background. Here you can refer to the context of the work (we’ll come back to that later).

At first glance, our advice may seem like a lot of extra work. It’s a good idea to check out other methods as well, such as taking notes, writing out important information from the context.

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After you have written the body of your essay, the body should have the following steps: A topic sentence. The topic sentence tells the main idea of the paragraph. Its supporting discuss the topic and provide evidence to support the statement. The conclusion should conclude the essay. During this stage, you should be able to explain the topic to the reader. Once you’ve outlined the main idea, you can move on to other parts of the essay

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How to Write a Brilliant Essay: A Guide for Ambitious Students - Easy Language Exchange (2024)
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