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Design your pendant with our talented artists.

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Put something beautiful around the neck of a loved one. Design your own pendant with our skilled artists to show your unique style or tell a personal story. Whether you know exactly what you're looking for or just want to create a beautiful piece of jewelry, we'll design and create the perfect pendant for you.



Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (1)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (2)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (3)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (4)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (5)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (6)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (7)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (8)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (9)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (10)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (11)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (12)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (13)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (14)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (15)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (16)

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Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (17)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (18)

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (19)

The Custom Experience


Talk About It

Discuss design ideas, options, budget, with your jewelry consultant - your guide to the custom experience.


Get It Designed

See sketches and concept art designed just for you by our jewelry artists.


See It Come To Life

Visualize your piece with high resolution 3D renderings, and we'll adjust every detail until you tell us it's perfect.

Dedicated Service

Our team of jewelry design consultants helps you figure out the details, explains your options, and guides you through each step of designing a customized pendant.

Personalized Design

Our artists create design sketches and detailed 3D renderings just for you, and we'll tweak the details until you say it looks exactly right.

(Video) Easy Way to Hand Cut & Design A Name Necklace


Every team member who works on your design -- designers, artists, bench jewelers, gemologists -- will handle your jewelry project with the utmost skill, care, and expertise.

Recently Completed Projects

Browse through a few of our recently finished pendants. Family crests, birthstone pendants, abstract pieces -- we take our design inspiration from you and turn it into something amazing!



Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (20)

Samuel's Pendant His wife lost a favorite necklace, and we helped him create a new one to replace it. With its beautiful pairing of pear cut pink sapphires and a heart of pearl... we can see why she missed this beautiful little pendant!

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (21)

Brittany's Pendant This piece was inspired by a band's album cover, which was in turn inspired by a symbol known as "The Flower of Life". The mixed rose and white gold pendant creates beautiful contrast between the nest of circles and the frame.

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (22)

Jonathon's Pendant This gold pendant was the perfect mother's day gift for a mom of four. We designed this pendant with one of her sons. A quiver of arrows -- one for each child.

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (23)

Justin's Pendant Designed as bridal jewelry to match her engagement ring, this heart-shaped 14K gold pendant is traced in blue sapphires and features a deep blue heart-cut sapphire in the center. Something blue for her wedding day!

Our design team is ready to work on your idea next.

Design With Us

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (24)

Natalie's Pendant As a going away gift for a friend stationed overseas, this sterling silver barracuda pendant design was inspired by tribal tattoo art.

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (25)


Jim's Pendant We worked with Jim to spotlight the elegant couple's monogram design from their wedding on this sleek gold pendant.

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (26)

Gerwyn's Pendant The rope border of this monogram pendant is a modern, personal twist on the tradition of laurel wreath detailing. We completed the look with an oxidized, antiqued finish.

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (27)

Angie's Pendant This customer had four pieces of gemstone jewelry - each gem a family member's birthstone - that she wanted to re-use in a single birthstone pendant. Taking inspiration from the growth rings of a tree, we designed this pendant with rings to represent each generation of her family, and leaving room to add more later.

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (28)

Nicholas' Pendant A thoughtful gift from a brother to a sister: we designed a pendant with a soundwave of American Pie, a song that's meant much to them both.

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (29)

Steven's Pendant Transforming an old locking clip into a fine jewelry design, thie mixed yellow and white gold pendant delicately holds a ruby at the tip of the anvil. A small marquise cut diamond replaces the original logo.

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (30)

Dwight's Pendant So much personal detail in this wonderful design! To celebrate a 30th wedding anniversary, we worked with this husband to bring his vision to life. The pendant blends their birthstones (amethyst and diamond) in a yin and yang symbol, while the 4 spokes and outer circle represent ones and zeros for the binary value of '30' (11110).

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (31)

Jonathan's Pendant As an upgrade of a small, inexpensive necklace, we helped design this sparkly pendant covered with moissanite.

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (32)

Nicholas' Pendant Inspired by the enchanted rose from Beauty & The Beast, this rose pendant features an emerald set within the petals of the rose to provide a beautiful green glow.

Custom Pendants | Design Your Own Pendant (33)

Scott's Pendant Starting from his wife's initial, we helped him design this pendant for with gems representing three options for the July birthstone: ruby, onyx, and turquoise. One each for him, for her, and for their unborn child.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a project take?

Typically, your custom piece will be in your hands 2-4 weeks after we've finalized your design. However, because each project is different, the time it takes to complete your project may vary. Here's a rough breakdown of how long each part of our process takes:

Design: As long as it takes for you to tell us it's perfect

When it comes to creating your design, we'll work at your pace. Some customers only need to exchange a few messages with us - we'll often be ready to make their piece within a few days. Others may prefer to design and iterate with us over many weeks, or even months.

Production: Approximately 2-4 weeks

Once you've approved a design, we'll manufacture your piece, finishing all the details by hand. When it's ready, we'll send you photographs of your finished piece so you can give us your seal of approval before we ship it to you.

Shipping: 1-3 days (domestic), Approximately 1 week (international)

We offer free shipping within the US via FedEx or USPS, and we ship international packages via DHL Worldwide Express, one of the fastest services available. Depending on location, international shipments can sometimes be delayed by local customs for inspection, which can extend the delivery time.

How much will my pendant cost?

In general, our custom pendants are the same price as similar pendants off-the-shelf fine jewelry ('similar' meaning a comparable selection of metals and gemstones used, which are the biggest factors in price). Our aim is to make high-quality custom designs accessible to everyone. However, because our jewelry is extremely high quality, made from fine materials, and crafted to last a lifetime, we aren't able to offer pieces below $200 in most cases.

Each pendant we produce starts off as a brand new concept. Because of that, it’s difficult to know how much a piece is going to cost without knowing a bit more about the idea you have in mind.

The easiest way to figure out how much your pendant will cost is to start a consultation with us and let our team know what you're looking for - we can provide an estimate with only a few details.

When do I get to see a design? Do I have to pay first?

There's no charge to discuss your design and price out options with our team. We request a deposit prior to producing 3D models and renderings of your design and that deposit goes toward the final cost of producing your piece.

Do you offer a warranty?

We stand behind our jewelry 100% and we offer a comprehensive set of warranties so that you can purchase with confidence.

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

We guarantee our workmanship and take responsibility for any structural defects.

Certificate of Authenticity

All the materials (metals, diamonds, and gemstones) we sell are authentic and properly specified in your proposal agreement.

Accent Stone Loss Warranty

If any small accent gems (<$100 value) break or fall out of their settings in the first year after we create the ring or within a year of us performing maintenance on the ring, we’ll replace them free of charge.

Read more about our warranties.

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How much is a custom pendant? ›

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $15,000 for a typical custom pendant. And while that range may not be very specific, it all comes down to the fact that you can essentially craft the piece entirely based on your budget specifications.

How long does it take a jeweler to make a custom pendant? ›

How long does a custom jewelry piece take to create? A. From start to finish, 6-8 weeks is the average time frame to create a custom piece of jewelry. However, it is possible to complete a project much sooner than this.

How do you make a simple pendant at home? ›

Now it's gonna be a little bit harder with a smaller bead you have to hold that smaller bead into

What is the thing called that holds a pendant? ›

Bails. The part of the pendant that goes over the chain is called the bail or bale. This holds the piece to the chain. Jewelers typically attach bails to metal pendants.

What is a good size for a pendant? ›

If you're planning to wear the chain with a pendant, the length should be between 53 and 63cm (22 to 25 inches), slightly longer than a chain that you wear alone. Wearing chains of this length ensures that the pendant falls squarely into the middle of the wearer's chest.

How expensive is jewelry making? ›

Average Costs

On average, a piece of custom jewelry can cost you up to $2,000 to $3,000 at a high-end jeweler. This is due to the materials, time, craftsmanship, and specific attributes of the jeweler you hire.

Can you copy a jewelry design? ›

Copyrighting Jewelry

Jewelry is copyrighted as soon as it is produced, like any other original creation. No paperwork required. However, in order to take legal action to enforce a copyright infringement, the item must be formally registered.

Can I design a jewelry? ›

If you don't have drawing, jewelry software, or production skills, you can still be a jewelry designer. And the truth is, most fine jewelry designers who have become successful don't usually handcraft their own pieces (especially after they've grown their brand).

How long does it take to make a custom name necklace? ›

A personalized necklace name pendant takes 2-3 days to design and manufacture.

How can I make a pendant? ›

Make Your Own Art Pendant - YouTube

How do you make beautiful pendants? ›

How to Make a Quick and Easy Long Pendant Necklace for ... - YouTube

What do you need to make a pendant necklace? ›

How To Make A Long Pendant Necklace - YouTube

What is a hidden bail on a pendant? ›

Bails are a frequently pre-made component used on an otherwise handmade piece of jewelry. A pendant can also be made with a "hidden bail." A hidden bail is typically connected to the back of a pendant in such a way that the chain can pass through and support the pendant, but the bail cannot be seen.

What is a bail pendant? ›

bail | ˈbāl. noun. The connector at the top of a pendant, which allows the pendant to hang from a chain or jump ring. Bails are a feature of specific jewelry types (primarily necklaces) that are intended to attach to a stone or pendant. Typically, the bail is centered on the necklace where the pendant will hang.

What side does a pendant go on? ›

Generally speaking though, since most individuals wear pins that signify something important to them, they wear them on the left side near the heart.

What type of chain is best for a pendant? ›

Simple chains, like cable, Figaro, curb, wheat, and box chains are all great options for pendant necklaces. These necklaces have high durability and timeless, minimalistic looks that make them work with most pendant styles. Herringbone and snake chains tend to be too delicate for pendants.

How thick should a pendant be? ›

The gauge of our most popular chains ranges from 0.9mm – 1.7mm, so unless you have a particularly large pendant to accommodate, pick something within this size range. We would suggest 0.9mm – 1mm as a good starting point for most lightweight pendants.

How low should a pendant necklace hang? ›

For most men's chains, 50 cm (20”) is the average length. This falls at the collar bone between the top two buttons on a shirt and looks good inside or outside the shirt. If you're wearing a pendant necklace, opt for 55-63 cm (22-25”) so the pendant finishes in the middle of your chest.

How do I start my own jewelry line? ›

How to start a jewelry business in 10 steps
  1. Pick your niche and target market. ...
  2. Study the competition. ...
  3. Develop a business plan. ...
  4. Choose a creative name (with an available domain) ...
  5. Design a product line. ...
  6. Choose to outsource manufacturing and suppliers or not. ...
  7. Devise a unique brand aesthetic. ...
  8. Develop a marketing strategy.
29 Jun 2020

Is jewellery making profitable? ›

Fine jewellery is an incredibly lucrative market, with costs per item being far higher than that of costume/fashion alternatives. While fine jewellery accounts for a greater proportion of sales than all others, it also entails significant start-up costs.

How much is it to start a jewelry business? ›

Retail Jewelry Store Startup Costs – Brick and Mortar

The total cost to open a retail jewelry store is $9,200 – $29,000 which includes set-up costs of business registration, rent deposit, building renovations, display cases, logo design, advertising, and inventory purchasing.

Is handmade jewelry copyrighted? ›

Under Section 101 of the Copyright Act, original jewelry designs are considered “visual art”. The designs are automatically protected by copyright law when the original work is created. Even though copyright protection is automatic, some designers prefer to register there work with the US copyright office.

What does patented mean on jewelry? ›

Jewelry patents were common in the past when jewelry designs couldn't be copyrighted. A design patent protects the way a manufactured product looks but not the way it works or how it's structured. Businesses can protect their intellectual property rights over an original design by applying for patent protection.

What is a jewelry maker called? ›

A jeweler is a person who makes, sells, and repairs jewelry and watches.

How do you design a necklace? ›

How to Design a Necklace - YouTube

What type of handmade jewelry sells best? ›

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are the most popular.

How do you make a name tag necklace? ›

Easy Way to Hand Cut & Design A Name Necklace - YouTube

Who does name necklace ship with? ›

USPS. USPS: Delivery to your Doorstep After 11 - 5 Business days after production.

Where is my name necklace located? ›

My Name Necklace is located in Los Angeles, California, United States .

What is a resin pendant? ›

Resin jewelry is any type of jewelry that is made with resin—although pendants and earrings are most popular. When objects like flowers, glitter, beads, or gemstones are solidified within the resin, the process is called casting.

How do you make a pendant bead? ›

Turn A Bead Into A Pendant: Easy Jewelry Tutorial - YouTube

How do you wire wrap stones for jewelry? ›

Wire Wrap Gemstones without Holes | DIY | Basic Pendant Tutorial #2

How do you make a crystal pendant? ›

DIY Crystal Wrapping - YouTube

How do you string a pendant necklace? ›

Placing a Pendant on the String of a Beaded Necklace : Craft Time!

How do you wrap crystals with wire? ›

how to wire wrap crystals! | easy tutorial - YouTube

What is a VVS chain? ›

Just shy of the Flawless and Internally Flawless grades, VVS diamonds are basically flawless with a few pinpoints thrown in in nondescript locations. They are one of the highest and most expensive diamond clarity grades.

Is a gold plated real gold? ›

Is Gold Plated Real Gold? Gold plated jewellery is made of both real gold twinned with a different base metal. Whilst these pieces are not solid gold, the plating itself consists of real gold. However, for a piece to be labelled 'gold plated' the layer of gold must be equal to or greater than 0.5 micron.

How do you make a sterling silver pendant? ›

Casting Silver at Home (Easy DIY Jewelry) - YouTube

Is VS or VVS better? ›

Clarity grade is based on all characteristics of the inclusions, not just the quantity. VVS (Very Very Slightly Included) diamonds are a grade better than VS (Very Slightly Included) diamonds. VS diamonds (both VS1 and VS2) contain a small number of inclusions when the diamond is viewed under 10x magnification.

Why do rappers say VVS? ›

VVS means “Very, Very Slightly” included.

The term and slang “VVS” has been used by Post Malone, Cardi B, 6ix9ine, Kodak Black, Yo Gotti, Future, Travis Scott, and many more rappers.

What does GLD mean on jewelry? ›

Unlike solid gold jewelry, gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold that is bonded to a base of another metal, such as sterling silver or copper.

What karat gold is best for necklace? ›

In its pure form, gold is a very soft metal. It's too delicate for everyday wear, so it's often alloyed (or mixed) with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, and zinc to improve its strength and resilience. The most common mixtures of gold are 14K, 18K, and 22K, but 14K and 18K are the most ideal for jewelry.

Is 925 gold Pawnable? ›

Is 925 Gold Pawnable? Yes, 925 gold is pawnable, however it is not made of solid gold. If you try to pawn a piece of jewelry stamped with 925, you are likely to get less money for it than you might expect.

What is the shiniest gold? ›

1. 24 Karat Gold. 24k gold is the purest form of gold, measuring 99.9% pure. This metal is the shiniest, yellowest, and most expensive of all the different types of gold.

How do I start my own jewelry line? ›

How to start a jewelry business in 10 steps
  1. Pick your niche and target market. ...
  2. Study the competition. ...
  3. Develop a business plan. ...
  4. Choose a creative name (with an available domain) ...
  5. Design a product line. ...
  6. Choose to outsource manufacturing and suppliers or not. ...
  7. Devise a unique brand aesthetic. ...
  8. Develop a marketing strategy.
29 Jun 2020

How do you design a necklace? ›

How to Design a Necklace - YouTube

How do you melt your own silver? ›

How to Recover Sterling Silver from Silverware and Melt in a Furnace

How do I start silversmithing? ›

BASIC TOOLS. Supplies to get started. Silversmithing for beginners.

At what temperature does silver melt? ›


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