All the Homes Kylie Jenner Has Owned by Age 22 (2024)

Kylie Jenner might’ve been controversially called a self-made billionaire by Forbes, but she is without a doubt a savvy businesswoman—even at age 22. She mainly spends her days running Kylie Cosmetics and being a mom to two-year-old Stormi, but she’s got a pretty sweet side hustle in the real estate game, having most recently bought a $36.5 million complex in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. And that’s just the latest home splurge for Kylie, who purchased her very first property in 2015 (when she was just 17) and has gone on to grab quite a few more across Los Angeles. She's even flipped several homes, each earning her a profit. While some members of her extended family have made some questionable real estate deals (ahem, Kanye), we're pretty impressed by Kylie's savvy purchasing.

Here are all the homes Kylie has ever owned.


The Resort Compound, Holmby Hills, Los Angeles

On April 24, TMZ broke the news that Kylie purchased a $36-million, 15,350-square-foot “resort compound” in Holmby Hills. It’s the largest property in her portfolio so far, with seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, two guest houses, and a guardhouse. You know, all the things a 22-year-old billionaire needs! Kylie has reportedly moved in already, spending lockdown in the home with daughter Stormi, on-and-off-again boyfriend Travis Scott (Stormi’s dad), and BFF Stassie Karanikolaou. Apparently Kylie got a pretty good deal on the property—it was originally listed for just shy of $46 million.


The Latest Acquisition, Hidden Hills, Los Angeles

It turns out Kylie wasn't done with her real estate spending spree after her Holmby Hills purchases, as Variety reported yesterday that she's also acquired a five-acre plot in Hidden Hills. The entrepreneur dropped a casual $15 million in cash for the property, which Miley Cyrus once owned and used for her horses. While it's an empty lot for now, the sale included pre-approved plans for a 18,000-square-foot house with a 12-car garage.


The Starter Home, Calabasas, Los Angeles

While most 17-year-olds are thinking about prom, Kylie was busy purchasing her very first home: a relatively modest $2.6 million, 4,851-square-foot Tuscan-style house in Calabasas, where many in the Kardashian-Jenner clan own properties. After a monochromatic renovation, Kylie listed the home just a year later, eventually selling it for $3.15 million in 2017. Not too shabby for her very first flip!


The First Mansion, Hidden Hills, Los Angeles

Kylie moved up the ranks quickly, purchasing her second property at age 18, in 2016. She upgraded to a $6 million, 7,400-square-foot Cape Cod in Hidden Hills, which she then sold for $6.7 million two years later. It wasn’t the biggest profit, but it was a profit! And don’t forget—Kylie launched her cosmetics company in 2016, so we don’t think money was really an issue at the time for the young businesswoman.


The Mansion Next Door, Hidden Hills, Los Angeles

It turns out just one Hidden Hills home wasn’t enough for Kylie, who snapped up the property next door for $4.5 million that very same year. She never intended to live in the 5,154-square-foot Craftsman-style ranch house, however—she planned on using it as the HQ of her cosmetics empire. But she ended up selling this one in 2017 for $5.3 million (yes, another gain).


The Third Mansion, Hidden Hills, Los Angeles

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“@kyliejenner is the ultimate celebrity, the ultimate influencer. For someone her age to have achieved so much is frankly astonishing,” says @martynbullard, the Los Angeles #AD100 designer tasked with conjuring a dream home worthy of the 21-year-old almost-billionaire superstar. “I told Martyn I wanted a fresh, fun vibe to match the way I was feeling. Color was essential. I love pink, and I wanted a lot of it!” Jenner recalls of her earliest conversations with the decorator. Sly nods to @kyliecosmetics, Jenner’s blockbuster business, abound. In the dining room, for example, the leather upholstery on the chairs was custom-dyed to match colors from Kylie’s lipstick collection, ranging from ceruse to pale pink to deep garnet. Everything reflects Kylie’s personality,” Bullard says, referring to the Damien Hirst “I Love You” butterfly silk screens that adorn the dining room, pictured here. Visit the link in our profile to see more of the home. Photo by @thefacinator; text by @mayer.rus; styled by @lawrenhowell

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The third time is the charm for Kylie, who bought a third home in Hidden Hills—in the same year as her other two purchases. This one—a $12-million, 13,200-square-foot Cape Cod—has lasted the longest, serving as Kylie’s primary place of residence since the 2016 purchase. But with the Holmby Hills house now in the picture, will she keep this abode in her portfolio? Tune into next week’s episode of Life with Kylie to find out.


The Empty Lot, Hidden Hills, Los Angeles

All the Homes Kylie Jenner Has Owned by Age 22 (1)

Grant FaintGetty Images

Kylie’s Hidden Hills empire didn’t stop at just houses. She also bought an empty 1.5-acre plot of land in the neighborhood in 2017, reportedly planning to turn it into a garden and horse barn. Sadly, those dreams never came true. She sold the lot in 2017 for $5.35 million, well above her purchase price of $5 million. But perhaps with her newest property acquisition, she can revisit those plans!


The Love Nest, Beverly Hills

Back in 2018, Kylie and then-boyfriend Travis Scott went halfsies on a $13.45 million Beverly Hills manse, which People reports is primarily an investment property. The house is vastly different than Kylie’s other homes, with a much more contemporary style. It’s still sprawling, however, with more than 9,000 square feet of space housing seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, not including the separate guest house on the property. Though the couple is no longer romantically linked (for now, anyway), they still own the home—and they still co-parent and cohabitate.


The Desert Golf Getaway, La Quinta

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Just last year, Kylie purchased a lot in the exclusive Madison Club golf community in La Quinta, California, located a few hours outside of L.A. in the Coachella Valley. Though there's no house on the property quite yet, the sale included floor plans for a 15,000-square-foot home—TBD whether or not Kylie will build it. Momager Kris Jenner and half-sister Kim Kardashian-West also own Madison Club properties, meaning a Kardashian-Jenner resort town could be in the works.

Stefanie WaldekContributing WriterStefanie Waldek is a Brooklyn-based writer covering architecture, design, and travel.

All the Homes Kylie Jenner Has Owned by Age 22 (2024)


Where Are Kylie Jenner's houses? ›

Currently, Jenner lives with her daughter, Stormi Webster, in Los Angeles in the suburban district of Hidden Hills, close to her siblings and mother, Kris Jenner. Designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, her mansion is a true extension of her personality.

How many rooms are in Kylie Jenners house? ›

At 15,350 square feet, this seven-bedroom, 14-bathroom mansion (with two guest houses!) is the largest pad in Jenner's vast real estate portfolio.

How many houses did Kylie have? ›

According to House Digest, Kylie owns five estates in California – the most in the family – thanks to the success of her Kylie Cosmetics brand, but the priciest mansion is a US$36.5 million Holmby Hills pad.

How many cars does Kylie Jenner have? ›


Rounding out Kylie's 15-car collection is a trendy tan Mercedes G-wagon, one of Kylie's photo-favorites, which retails for around $130,000.

Did Kylie buy a plane? ›

Jenner purchased the private jet in 2020 for more than $70 million, according to British tabloid the Sun.

Who owns the biggest house in Hidden Hills? ›

However, there are few properties in Hidden Hills that offer the space, amenities and architecture of 5521 Paradise Valley. The property first broke records as the most expensive home ever sold in the neighborhood when Texas-based energy trader Michael Maggi purchased it in 2019.

Who bought the Kardashians old house? ›

The final KUWTK Malibu mansion

The house is owned by socialite Diana Jenkins, a close friend of the family who reportedly bought the home in 2005 for $21 million (£19m).

Does Kylie own a private jet? ›

A high-flying mansion

As reported by British tabloid The Sun, Kylie purchased the Global Express jet for $72.8 million in 2020. The aircraft measures 8 feet wide and 59.6 feet long, is customized with beige seats bearing the initials "KJ" and colorful overhead lighting that can be programmed.

What is Kylie's most expensive car? ›

The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is the most expensive Ferrari in Kylie Jenner's car collection. Kylie Jenner has a rare Jet-black LaFerrari Aperta which was gifted by Travis Scott for the birth of their daughter Stormi. The car has a 6.3-liter V12 engine that produces the max power of 950 Hp and a peak torque of 900 Nm.

Does Kylie have a yacht? ›

Built by Icon Yachts in 2013, Redman Whiteley Dixon handled the exterior design and Christiano Gatto was in charge of its elegant interior. The luxury yacht was refitted in 2019. It has a length of 205-ft (62.5 m), with a beam of 37'5 ft (11.38 m) and a draft of 12'2 ft (3.7 m).

What kind of car does Kylie drive? ›

Rolls-Royce Wraith

Kylie Jenner loves Rolls-Royce—and her car collection proves it! With at least three Rolls-Royce Wraith models in her garage, she's been seen with an ice blue model, a pink and black SUV trim, and a maroon version with black racing stripes.

How far is a 17 minute flight? ›

Outraged commenters especially singled out her 17-minute, 40-mile flight from Camarillo, Calif., to Van Nuys, Calif. in particular—a short jump, though still longer than the flights taken by Elon Musk's plane.

What city does Kylie Kardashian live in? ›

So if you're keeping tabs on where the Kardashians live, it's Kourtney in Calabasas and Kim, and now, Khloé, in Hidden Hills.

What suburb does Kylie Jenner live in? ›

Kylie Jenner has a vast £29million home in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, complete with seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a home cinema and bar.

Where is the Kardashian's house located? ›

Aerial photos reveal Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie and Kris' LA mansions. DailyMailTV can reveal exclusive aerial photos of the Kardashian clan's individual Los Angeles mansions. Kris, Kim, Kylie and Scott live in Hidden Hills while Kourtney and Khloe are in Calabadas.

Where is Kylie living in Melbourne? ›

Pop princess Kylie Minogue has put down roots in Melbourne after more than 30 years of living in England. Minogue has bought a grand $8m home in the city's leafy eastern suburbs, locating her near her parents who reside in Canterbury and her sister Dannii who has a base in Hawthorn East.

Which Kardashian has the biggest house? ›

Perhaps it is not surprising for fans to hear that the richest Kardashian-Jenner sister is the one with the biggest house. Kim Kardashian West, who has a net worth of $900 million, lives in a 15,550-square-foot home in the Hidden Hills neighborhood of Calabasas, California.

Why do celebrities live in Calabasas? ›

The area is tucked away near the Santa Monica Mountains in the San Fernando Valley, which offers plenty of privacy for major celebrities looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

Who lives in Hidden Hills CA? ›

Drake, Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd, Will Smith and family, and several Karadashians live within biking distance of this six-bedroom, 11-bathroom house in Hidden Hills, an exclusive gated community north of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley.

Where do kylies parents live? ›

Across town, in the ritzy suburb of Canterbury, Kylie bought her parents their current home on renowned Monomeath Avenue.

Can you drive through Hidden Hills? ›

Hidden Hills is closed to non-residents. You can not drive by homes there.

How many bathrooms are in Kim Kardashian's house? ›

Kim Kardashian's Beverly Hills Villa

This Tuscan gated resort villa was home to the star from 2010, when she bought it for $3.4 million (£2.9m), according to the listing. The five-bedroom, five-bathroom abode sweeps across nearly 3,800 square feet and boasts its own private pool, perfect for filming KUWTK scenes.

Do the Kardashians all live near each other? ›

They have been living near each other for a long time. Khloe and Kourtney live about 20 minutes away from their mom and Kim. They prefer the Calabasas area. The two sisters live only about two minutes apart, while their little sister Kylie prefers living in the Hidden Hills area close to Kim and Kris.

Do the Kardashians film in their own homes? ›

Kim said that the family does film inside their own homes. According to the Daily Mail, one of the homes with an exterior that was featured on the show went up for sale in 2014. The house, which is located around 20 miles from the Kardashians' actual homes, was reportedly listed for $6.25 million, according to TMZ.

Does Victoria still work for Kylie? ›

She said: “I worked with Kylie for 5 years and she became one of my closest friends. We both decided it was time to grow without each other professionally about a year ago!"

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